530. It will be safer
530. It will be safer

530. It will be safer

Vienna 09/19/2023

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Polish sovereignty only exists on Polish television. In the statements of politicians or in the instructions of editors. This is not an error. Journalists who are dependent on the government no longer inform us, they impose on us what and how we should think. So we think that Poland is an independent country.

In January, in the article “Independence of European Countries” I wrote about the obligation to submit a declaration to one of the Polish banks that I do not pay taxes in the USA. This is one of the symptoms of our country’s asymptomatic sovereignty.

On Saturday, an entry appeared on the Lower Silesian Police website: The unique meeting resulted in further safety actions being taken. Source. We are offered a greater “good”, i.e. security, while ignoring the dependence on a foreign country that is slowly intruding into our lives. You will say – after all, we have been dependent on the Yankees for a long time. It is true that we too were dependent on the Soviets for almost half a century.

Soviet barracks in Brzeg Opolski. Source.

As a child I lived in Brzeg Opolski, where there were Red Army barracks. I have seen and spoken with Soviet army officers many times. However, I have never seen them patrolling the city streets. This was certainly the case immediately after the war, but this task was handed over to Polish hands relatively quickly. Maybe sometimes not entirely in Polish hands, as in the case of Konstanty Rokossowski, but I have not heard of a non-Polish executive power patrolling Polish streets during the time of Comrade Edward Gierek (1970s).

Every American soldier receives a regular portion of chewing gum. Source.

It seems that we have a choice: “Putin contrarians” – those who miss the times of the Polish People’s Republic, or “spitted and chewed gum” – supporters of the presence of a foreign army from overseas on Polish soil. In my opinion, there is a third, most difficult option: a strong and modern Polish army and military alliances with countries that do not try to subordinate Polish politics to their interests. Poland is too small for an empire and we do not have to be part of a “defense pact” that will come to our aid in the event of an invasion of Poland by bombarding the attacker with leaflets, thereby fulfilling Article No. 5. We have historical examples of the effectiveness of such alliances.

How well has Switzerland done with its neutrality? Austria also benefits from the eternal neutrality imposed on it in 1955.

Poland is threatened by Russia on the one hand and Germany on the other! At least we don’t have to be afraid of the Germans today. Their army is in an even more deplorable condition than the Polish one. As for Russia: if the head of the PiS party had not wielded this ridiculous saber to strengthen his spirit and win the votes of Russophobes, we would have good political and economic relations with this empire. The same applies to Belarus. It was Polish politicians who pushed Minsk into Moscow’s arms. This is the result of the implementation of US plans by Polish politicians. Polish national interest has nothing to do with Polish foreign policy. Of course, we have suffered from both Germans and Russians throughout history. We gain nothing by feeling sorry for ourselves. An extreme example is the current official Polish policy regarding the Volhynian Crime. Both the genocide in Volhynia and in the Katyn area must be explained historically honestly.

And now foreign patrols will roam Polish streets to better control disobedient Poles. You count on your knowledge of English. Looking at trends in geopolitics, it makes more sense to speak Chinese or at least Indian.

Write Chinese. You insert a line in the wrong place and your declaration of love turns into an offer to sell Opel.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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