366. Germany goes to war
366. Germany goes to war

366. Germany goes to war

Vienna 01/30/2023

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A clip from the Charlie Chaplin-directed film The Great Dictator will provide a good introduction to this undoubtedly serious subject.

Fat Berta from The Great Dictator. Source. You can turn on English subtitles.

Nice movie and funny scenes. With this film you can clearly show that practically nothing has changed in the last few decades.

Why nothing, you would ask? And the technical progress? This is created again and again and develops better and better killing methods. However, the technology was as unreliable then as it is today. The so-called human factor also contributes to this, i.e. simple stupidity.

Check out today’s version of fat Berta in the Bundeswehr.

Source: Telegram 01/29/2023 04:15.
Breaking news: The German Bundeswehr is preparing for deployment in Ukraine!

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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