435. The greatest crime against humanity
435. The greatest crime against humanity

435. The greatest crime against humanity

Vienna 04/27/2023

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On Monday, Canadian platform LifeSiteNews.com Inc published an article: ‘The greatest crime against humanity’ in history: Naomi Wolf’s 11 revelations from Pfizer vaccine documents.

Naomi Wolf. Image source.

The investigative journalist Naomi Wolf, quoted several times in my blog, presented the results of the analysis of published Pfizer documents in 11 points. Details can be found in the LifeSite article linked above.

  1. Pfizer knew their gene-based injections had negative efficacy as early as November 2020;
  2. Shortly after release of the COVID injections on the market, Pfizer moved to hire 2,400 full-time employees to process the paperwork of the injured;
  3. Pfizer and the FDA withheld information that the shots cause heart damage in youth for four months while an aggressive propaganda campaign drove many thousands to get injected;
  4. Rather than staying in the injection site, Pfizer knew the shot’s dangerous lipid nanoparticles quickly distribute throughout the body. And there is no evidence they ever leave;
  5. ‘I don’t say it lightly, but it’s mass murder’: Side effects in Pfizer documents far more severe than CDC and doctors told patients;
  6. Prior to it being legal, more than 1,000 children were injected, and Pfizer’s documents indicate a high rate of serious injury;
  7. Pfizer documents reveal a ‘Mengele-type experiment… on how to disrupt and impair human reproduction.’ Available records of study participants who conceived children show 80% lost their babies;
  8. Pfizer knew there was a danger to fertility. Lipid Nanoparticles damage the placenta during pregnancy, causing early deliveries. Lots of chromosomal abnormalities as well;
  9. Pfizer docs show that lipid nanoparticles also enter breast milk, stunting, injuring and sometimes killing babies;
  10. ‘Nazi medicine,’ a war on women’s fertility: Pfizer docs show 3 to 1 of AEs sustained by women, 16% ‘reproductive disorders.’ ‘What kind of monsters look at 16% reproductive disorders and keep going?’ Results: ‘13% to 20% drop in live births’;
  11. LNPs degraded the basic factories of masculinity in boys’ testes in utero when their mother had been injected. ‘So, these are monsters, and there’s no way to avoid concluding that they’re focused on disrupting human reproduction’.

The Austrian Profil24 published an interesting article on the same topic yesterday. Source.

A study from Denmark shows: Individual batches of Pfizer’s so-called “Covid-19 vaccine” Comirnaty (BNT162b2) have a particularly problematic safety profile. This is due to the accumulation of severe side effects. The differences to less problematic batches are statistically extremely significant. Under normal circumstances, the mere fact that these variations exist would be a warning sign and reason for a recall of the product. But worse: there seem to be accomplices.

Biological weapons of mass destruction are one of the depopulation measures used in the current world war. This is an unusual war – it is not against any country. Apparently, the front does not run along geographical borders, but according to criteria known in banking as the financial resources of individuals or companies. Although there are exceptions here too. Not every billionaire is involved in this crime. I would think it too hasty to create new divisions. All the more so that we can all automatically become billionaires in the face of the looming hyperinflation.

Total penalties for Pfizer as of 2020 are $4,660,896,333.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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