436. The perfect scam
436. The perfect scam

436. The perfect scam

Wroclaw/Poland 04/29/2023

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If someone steals, then with class – that is, a lot and without consequences. Today’s article can be considered training for scammers with big ambitions. You can steal in many different ways, from primitive theft to… well, what’s the best way to steal from those around you? Find out in this video:

It’s possible to rob people of billions of dollars without hiding and getting credit for it. Such a scam was organized over 100 years ago. So I have to disappoint those who want to repeat this scam. You will never become the super rip-off who ends up owning everything. Why not? Because someone has already done it. In the US it is called the Federal Reserve. She owns the Congress that legalized her fraud in 1913. Since then it has stolen more from people than you can imagine through its politically backed fractional reserve system – just a funny name for legalized counterfeiting. This crime is so perfect that the Federal Reserve can commit it right in front of the public while revealing the full details of their method. And it’s still the case that the vast majority of victims have no idea what happened. Most didn’t even realize that anything bad had happened. But if something – this video, for example – spreads so that the victims of this massive scam begin to understand what is being done to them, then we’ll see what happens. The video refers to the USA and the dollar, but this exact scam has been going on around the world for a long time, including here. Most people don’t even realize how much they are being scammed with this scam, even though they see it every day.

The whole world is $33 trillion in debt!
How would you explain to a child who the world owes this money to?

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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