428. Success of German diplomacy
428. Success of German diplomacy

428. Success of German diplomacy

Vienna 04/17/2023

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The greatest success of German diplomacy was that German Foreign Minister (Greens) Analena Baerbock did not declare war on China on her last visit to China. She “accidentally” declared war on Russia (source) in January 2023, then why would she discriminate against Chinaand not declare war?

The minister tried to promote “Western values” in China. She mentioned the Taiwan issue and also wanted to get China to influence Russia. At a joint press conference, which is usually a sign of agreement, there was a clear rebuke: “China doesn’t need Western teachers,” Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang said dryly.

Apparently Ms. Baerbock forgot to show what “Western values” she stands for. She didn’t mention the nine-month imprisonment of Stuttgart activist Michael Ballweg, or the doctors in German prisons whose only fault was to look after the health of their patients. They were convicted for issuing certificates exempting them from wearing masks. The use of water cannons during the protests in Berlin was certainly a sign of the federal government’s hygiene concerns…

Michael Ballweg organized mass demonstrations in Germany. More than a million demonstrators participated in the largest protests in Berlin in August 2020.

Ms. Baerbock made such embarrassing statements more often. In February this year at the Munich Security Conference, when the presenter asked whether Ukraine can be safe as long as Putin rules Russia, she replied: If Putin doesn’t change 360 degrees, then no. It wasn’t long before the Russian President granted the ignorant diplomat’s wish.

The military operation in Ukraine is coming to an end – President Putin immediately implemented Ms. Baerbock’s instruction called the 360-degree turnaround! Source: Telegram 2/22/2023 08:50 am.

Another German politician worth mentioning is Health Minister Karl Lauterbach. It’s hard to find a more competent politician: he lies in almost every sentence, and when cornered, he can taunt himself with his own interpretation of his own statements or with some other lie. Of course we know other similar politicians? The role of Pinocchio with the long nose is well known, but this minister from Germany has perfected this role, which other politicians cannot be blamed for.

Karl Lauterbach – Federal Minister of Health. I assure you, he doesn’t wear a mustache under his mask, but does his hairdo?

The analogy to an Austrian painter is certainly misplaced. This minister “only” has the people of his own country on his conscience, like most health ministers in the “progressive” world of these Western values.

His tweet of August 13, 2021:

…a minority of the population do not want a vaccine without side effects, although it is free and could save their lives and many others… Source.

To make it interesting, on March 12th of this year. Mr. Lauterbach said in an interview with the central ZDF that he was terribly sorry for the suffering after the vaccination and added another lie: According to the Paul Ehrlich Institute, side effects occur in one in 10,000 people. Source in German with the possibility of scolding english subtitles – Minute 9:47. His ex-wife, a virologist, said in an interview that he had no idea what he was talking about.

We know they lie. They know they’re lying. They know we know they’re lying. We know they know, we know they’re lying. And yet they lie. Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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