72. Why?
72. Why?

72. Why?

Vienna 4/28/2ß21

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This video by Gunnar Kaiser – unfortunately no longer available – inspired me to write this chapter.

The questions asked here come from this film and should be asked to all monarchists – that’s what I call Corona supporters.

Here you are:

  1. Why don’t we see these televised ambulances out on the streets day and night?
  2. Why aren’t funeral parlors more overloaded than in previous years?
  3. Why don’t we see endless rows of people in cemeteries carrying their relatives to the grave?
  4. Why do statistics show the death rate did not increase in 2020?
  5. Where are the people who died from the flu?
  6. If the first measures were successful, why do we repeat them?
  7. Why does the government only listen to experts of their choice and ignore recognized scientific experts?
  8. Why are we watching overcrowded intensive care units on TV when they are not overcrowded at all?
  9. Why are trained nurses unemployed and why do clinics have low occupancy of hospital beds?
  10. If the masks are contaminated with a dangerous virus, why do we run into them every step of the way when they are on the street?
  11. Why do we have different rules for separation between people in many countries?
  12. Why, if children are not carriers of the virus – are schools closed?
  13. If the masks are so effective, why weren’t they used for the flu?
  14. Why can’t you see people die in the street?
  15. Why are big stores opened that hundreds of people come into and small stores that only two or three can enter are closed?
  16. Why are PCR-positive people defined as Covid-infected and not just tested positive?
  17. Why was it forgotten to report that WHO admitted the PCR test was unreliable?
  18. Why is it recommended to disinfect the hands several times a day, although it is very harmful to the skin of the hands?
  19. Why do we need an experimental vaccine against the virus with a 99.9% survival rate?
  20. If the vaccine is working, why can the person vaccinated infect others?
  21. If you are vaccinated why do you still have to wear a mask and keep your distance?
  22. How many people who died of Covid do you know personally?
  23. How many people who suffer from vaccination complications do you personally know?
  24. Why are hundreds of thousands of vaccine damage and vaccine deaths not reported?
  25. Why are vaccine manufacturers not legally responsible for the harm they cause?
  26. Why hasn’t everything shut down when this virus is deadly?
  27. Why can we live peacefully with thousands of different viruses but not the corona?
  28. Why are fewer people dying in some countries – Sweden, Belarus, Tanzania – who have not taken action against Covid than elsewhere?

These sensible questions were asked by German school children. Why is there no answer to that?

Author Marek Wojcik


  1. Ursula Michalak

    My child asked me a question, when one day at kindergarten teachers told him that he must wear a mask in the restricted area. He said “Mummy why yesterday when I was 5 years old I didn’t have to wear a mask and today when I turned 6, suddenly I have to wear it? What is a difference? I’m I different?”
    My son is 6 years old, but even he can understand that this whole pandemic situation has sense at all.
    We are living in Germany

    1. Both common sense and scientific research show no arguments to support this plandemic. The example of your child also makes it clear.
      We are being deceived by sophisticated global propaganda. It was developed based on the latest achievements of psychology.

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