73. White Rose
73. White Rose

73. White Rose

Vienna 5/2/2021

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World War II story. South Germany, Munich, summer 1942.

A group of students and a university professor decided to counter Goebbels propaganda. They started printing leaflets informing about Nazi crimes, mainly in the occupied territories in the east. Their movement is known as the white rose.

First the leaflets were distributed in Munich, then the movement spread to other major German cities. At its peak, 9,000 leaflets were printed and distributed at the same time.

The activity of this group lasted until mid-February 1943. At that time the siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl were caught by other students during a dissemination campaign at the university and held until the arrival of the Gestapo.

A few days later they were sentenced to death and beheaded on February 22, 1943 in Munich.

So much for this tragic story. Let’s move on to the present.

On April 8, 2021, a family court in Weimar ruled on the wearing of masks and tests in German schools. The judgment, which prohibits action to the detriment of the students, was justified on 178 pages with the testimony of experts and many witnesses.

On April 26, German police raided the private home and the premises of the court of the judge who issued the sentence. His computer and cell phone were confiscated.

That is why the initiative to support this judge was introduced in the form of white roses and candles as a sign of mourning after democracy.

White roses also appeared in front of the German embassy in Vienna.

There will likely be those who will be outraged by this comparison. They’d rather we wait for them to start beheading people.

Fascism was also introduced gradually until it became so strong that protest was no longer possible.

Author Marek Wojcik

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