299. Pandemic of the vaccinated
299. Pandemic of the vaccinated

299. Pandemic of the vaccinated

Wroclaw / Poland 9/18/2022

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On Friday, an article appeared on the German-language platform Reitschuster.de: Pandemic of people vaccinated in intensive care stations.

For a few weeks now, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has been making more and more statements that, not too long ago, would have been considered evil slander from the right-wing corner.

The article quotes the RKI’s weekly report of September 8, 2022.

The vaccination status of 1,850 COVID-19 admissions was reported for the period from August 8th, 2022 to September 4th, 2022 (week 32 – week 35/2022); this corresponds to about 59.6 percent of the cases reported for this period (3,104). 13.7 percent (253 cases) of all COVID-19 admissions with known vaccination status had no vaccination, 3.2 percent (60 cases) had one vaccination, 12.0 percent (222 cases) had two vaccinations, 55.6 percent ( 1,029 cases) had received three vaccinations and 15.5 percent (286 cases) had received four or more vaccinations.

Read more on Reitschuster.de:

For clarification: In the period mentioned, 3,104 patients were treated in the intensive care unit in Germany because of Corona. The vaccination status was known for just over half (1,850). Of these, 13.7 percent were not vaccinated. According to the vaccination dashboard (as of September 14, 2022), 22.1 percent (18.4 million citizens) of the total German population are not vaccinated. Accordingly, the unvaccinated were clearly underrepresented in the survey period.

Those who are not vaccinated end up in intensive care, say TV experts. Some of them even suggested that patients without sufficient vaccination status should not be included in the treatment. Is that why we have so many vaccinated patients in intensive care? Rather doubtful. After all, it’s mostly healthcare professionals who don’t believe the “experts” who stand in front of TV cameras in white coats and with the necessary stethoscopes they couldn’t use properly.

This list was found on Telegram – a compilation of the official lies with the official denials. Source on 10/25/2021 16:59:

Lie 1: There is a new virus called SARS-Cov 2

Truth 1: No natural new virus was ever isolated. Court confirmed in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, among others. Officially admitted by the CDC in the US and Chinese scientists.

Lie 2: There are asymptomatic patients (according to Drosten)

Truth 2: The allegedly asymptomatic person (n=1) took medication to suppress the symptoms. Study from Wuhan (n=10,000,000) concludes that people without symptoms are not contagious.

Lie 3: A PCR test can detect an infection

Truth 3: According to the IFSG, the definition of an infection is the detection of a pathogen capable of replication in the human body. PCR only detects genetic components of a pathogen by making them measurable through replication. The detection of an infection outside the human body (in vitro) presupposes the multiplication of the pathogen on a culture medium in the test tube (petri dish). The PCR process requires the destruction of a possible existing pathogen (breakdown into its genetic components).

Lie 4: The intensive care units were overloaded.

Truth 4: That was never the case, which was also communicated in the mainstream by official bodies.

Lies 5, 6, 7, 8: The regularly approved vaccination protects against a severe course of the disease and is intended to lead to herd immunity.

Truth 5: The syringe has no regular but only an emergency approval

Truth 6: The syringe is not patented as a vaccination but as a gene therapy and approved for emergencies.

Truth 7: The injection protects neither from a severe course nor from death. More and more doubly vaccinated people end up with the diagnosis Covid 19 in the intensive care unit or even die (Israel: 90% of the intensive care patients are double vaccinated).

Truth 8: Vaccinated people can get infected further, get sick and pass on the virus (or whatever – e.g. spike protein). Thus, herd immunity cannot be generated, since gene therapy per se does not generate sterile immunity.

These and many other lies must have appeared in the media accidentally and without malicious intent. Because who wants to deceive the decent people of this world?

Winter is coming You would have to invent a new epidemic!

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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