296. A Brief History of Medicine
296. A Brief History of Medicine

296. A Brief History of Medicine

Vienna 9/12/2022

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The history of medicine is by no means short. Therefore, in this article I will only deal with what is known as modern Rockefeller medicine.

John D. Rockefeller (born 1839, died 1937) wrote world history as the first billionaire. Rockefeller co-founded an oil refinery that became the Standard Oil Company in 1870.

Since our topic is medicine and its history, we are not interested in the topic of oil. Suffice it to say that he was a very rich man.

At the urging of his son (John D. Rockefeller, Jr.), he founded the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research (now Rockefeller University). His contributions to this university amounted to $50 million in the 1930s. This money was mainly invested in state-of-the-art medical equipment, medical laboratories and specialists from many medical fields.

John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and his father. Rockefeller Archive Center.

The Rockefeller Institute invented synthetic drugs that no one used at the time to fight cancer, for example. The problem was that nobody wanted to make new drugs because doctors didn’t want to prescribe them to their patients for fear of harming someone.

The problem was that at that time no medical school taught about the use of synthetic drugs for cancer. Rockefeller decided to change this, and the first priority was medical schools, which began to teach future doctors from textbooks written by Rockefeller Institute specialists.

Universities that adopted the new curriculum received millions of dollars in funding, new medical equipment, and promotions, while universities that chose to reject it were denied all subsidies, leading to the liquidation of the institutions.

Of course, everything happened under the economic pressure of Rockeffeler, who used money to establish new directions in education. The same situation of economic pressure took place in hospitals, where Rockefeller promoted “modern” doctors who were not afraid to treat patients with synthetic drugs, and old doctors with some contraindications … were fired. Source in Polish Telegram 11.9.2022 15:11

After the death of his father, his son continued to promote medicine based on synthetic drugs – those that could be patented. We owe him the modern system of medical training almost all over the world.

I have spoken to doctors and pharmacists many times. I asked the question: do you know of a prescription drug or not that cures the causes without creating new diseases through side effects? So far, no one has been able to identify at least one product that meets these conditions.

If any of the readers know of such a drug – a drug, not a dietary supplement – please comment, I would be glad to know about this drug.

I don’t know if the side effects are an intentional effect in the manufacture of medicines? But I know they are a source of new or additional customers for this industry.

Let’s hurry to laugh at conspiracy theories, they become true so fast.

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