290. US Election 2022
290. US Election 2022

290. US Election 2022

Vienna 9/05/2022

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Why are these US elections two months from now so important? Barring anything out of the ordinary, by the new year the majority of deputies in both the US Houses of Parliament, Congress and Senate, will be supporters of the Donald Trump MAGA movement.

What am I counting on when I say Republicans will win this election? Check out the comparison of two speeches: President Joe Biden and ex-President Donald Trump. Both rallies took place in connection with this year’s elections in November.

They will say that two years ago in the presidential election it was similar and Biden won the election. Yes, but voter fraud would not have been possible without the support of important figures in the Republican party bloc. In these two years, Donald Trump has carried out a major purge in the ranks of this party. Virtually every candidate he supported in the primaries passed. Most of the so-called RINOs (Republican In Name Only) have dropped out and can no longer support the globalists like they used to.

How did it come about that so many RINOs appeared in the Republican Party? This is due to the policy of Mr. Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum in Davos. They educate politicians of all political persuasions, and therefore their people will always have an influence on politics regardless of the election results.

In the United States, they managed to gain much more control over the Democratic Party, and that is why today we see the extreme left tendencies of this party. People of leftist persuasions are also afraid of this attack on freedom and democracy by the globalists. And just a week ago, President Biden said the MAGA movement is a major threat to American democracy. If you consider that Joe Biden treats the word “democracy” as synonymous with the Democratic Party, you might agree. The party leaders themselves have resulted in disastrously low support for the US Democrats.

If the United States saw what the United States was doing in the United States, the United States would invade the United States to liberate the United States from United States tyranny.

And what will happen in the US when the MAGA movement is taken over by Congress and Senate? Much, but not everything, that we would like. First of all, the delivery of weapons to Ukraine will be stopped. Starting next year, President Biden will be allowed to continue sending missiles there, but he will have to pay for them out of his own pocket, not the American taxpayer’s pocket.

Perhaps Mr. George Soros will add billions of dollars to those already spent in February 2014 to change Ukrainian power from pro-Russian to pro-American. Maybe a few other billionaires will contribute to the fight against Russia? I don’t think it’s possible. Such “philanthropists” willingly siphon off even large sums of money from their unimaginable fortunes, but somehow their fortunes continue to grow. Perhaps President Zelenskyy will pay for arms to defend his fascist-oligarchic power? There are still people in the world who believe in such fairy tales.

But not only wars will be obstructed by the US Parliament from January 2023. Big Pharma, with its plandemic, will also have to be at least partially responsible for the genocide. Mr. Anthony Fauci is retiring, no doubt coincidentally, at the end of the year. I’d be surprised if he hadn’t hidden underground.

A year ago, at one of the rallies, Donald Trump tried to persuade the assembled population to get vaccinated. He was booed, and despite being one of the largest cartels with a huge lobby in the US, he changed tactics and recently began attacking the scams of companies that mainly produce harmful chemicals falsely labeled as medicines. That’s right – not everything in politics is black or white. If Trump is elected President in two years, I wouldn’t be surprised if he defends companies like Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Merk & Co.

Unfortunately, that’s how the swamp Trump wanted to drain works. Despite this, Donald Trump is so far the best candidate to be the savior of our world.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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