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How was the world conquered in 2020?

Vienna 3/24/2021

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When I decided to write about the pandemic on my website a year ago, I didn’t know what changes await us.

Like most of you, I believed it was a dangerous virus.

The first thing I noticed was fear propaganda. The scenes shown in the media that shouldn’t be there. Not that I object to honestly informing people. The problem was different – I immediately felt that someone really wanted people to be scared.

It was so irrational that I couldn’t believe politicians were spreading visions of horror instead of calming down and helping people.

That is why I have decided to collect information myself and to counteract the fear pandemic. It is not that difficult to find reliable sources of information. Most of them are official websites of organizations such as the WHO, the German RKI or the American CDC. The vast majority of the information provided there was factually correct.

Fear was only spread by taking this information out of context and presenting it with bias, which terrified people.

The answer to the question asked in the title can be found on this blog.

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Marek Wojcik