53. Washington 1/6/2021.
53. Washington 1/6/2021.

53. Washington 1/6/2021.

Wroclaw/Poland 1/3/2021

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I’ve already written about the US election twice.
This is a very important election that can determine the fate of the world.
Probably most of you will ask what else I can write about. It is clear who won the election.
Well, that’s not so at all. This is what the corrupt media represent. And for most people, they are the only source of information.

However, it is sufficient to open up to other broadcasters such as Epoch Times or the German-language NTD Deutsch in order to receive information that remains carefully hidden from us.

For example, if there were elections in Germany and they were clearly deceived, even if the loser was a politician I hated, and there are many of them, I would defend the deceased and not be happy if he had disappeared for good.
Although I only considered the US president a recalcitrant Texan cowboy six months ago – probably thanks in large part to media coverage – I would be more cautious about such hasty judgments today. Democracy is not about destroying political opponents by all means.

But let’s get back to the situation in the States. The mass media, also here in Europe, argue contrary to the obvious that Trump has provided no evidence of electoral fraud.
But the facts are different. The evidence is there, but no court in the United States has wanted to look into it. Nobody was interested in the evidence. All claims were simply dismissed on procedural grounds – not always in accordance with applicable law.
It seems that judges are simply afraid of politicians and succumb to pressure.

On January 6th, a joint parliamentary session of the two houses will be held in the Congress building in Washington to decide on these elections.

And what can we expect on this day besides boring parliamentary sessions? Well, these negotiations are by no means going to be boring. On the contrary, it promises to be one of the most interesting parliamentary sessions in US history.
More than twenty MPs from both parties have already announced that they will object to unfair elections in several US states. What will the results be, nobody knows yet?
Candidate Joe Biden doesn’t know either.
Few people may be aware of a lawsuit brought against him by the Ukrainian government for the return of the $ 14 billion he received in bribes. The evidence is conclusive. Further criminal proceedings are pending against him and his son Hunter Biden.

But that is only a secondary issue. The US Congress will finally come up with evidence of the biggest electoral fraud in the history of the world.
These deliberations will be led by US Vice President Mike Pence. Yesterday he publicly announced that he intended to join the investigation into election fraud on November 3, 2020.
It takes 10 days to show evidence from Trump’s lawyers! Yes, you read it right. It is the widely ignored testimony, material evidence, and expert testimony that make up such a large amount of evidence today..
There is also evidence of Mr. Biden’s corruption there.
If the Vice President keeps his word, this session of the US Parliament will be the most tumultuous one in history. A couple of other records are likely to be broken.
It’s only been a few days …


Author: Marek Wojcik

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