624. Understanding Disease X
624. Understanding Disease X

624. Understanding Disease X

Vienna 01/30/2024

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In order to “better prepare” and “understand disease X”, the WHO “pandemic agreement” should be adopted worldwide. The Ethiopian terrorist WHO boss Tedros promoted a non-existent disease at the WEF forum in Davos. What is this mysterious disease X? A figment of the imagination of psychopaths, philanthropists and eugenics fanatics. Why is this invented? For the same reason that the non-existent disease COVID-19 was created. The latter was artificially cobbled together from a group of ten known upper respiratory diseases. Then widespread media advertising was enough. The target is our fear. It was fear that four years ago enabled most supposedly sensible people to unthinkingly support unfounded restrictions on freedom.

Author of the photo: Drug Addiction Clinic from Pixabay.

The same fear, sometimes supported by 30 pieces of silver, leads young activists to stick their hands to the asphalt and shout to the whole world: We will not leave our global warming to anyone! The same fear has led people to repeat the media’s lies about Russia’s “war atrocities” in Ukraine, while remaining silent when the “good guys” destroy the entire Palestinian nation.

Where there is fear – there is no common sense. We politely convey our thoughts to news outlets. Let them justify their only correct narrative. Why should we put in the effort and risk being excluded from the community of mindless sheep fed one direction by the media?

That’s why we should be afraid, disease X is 20 times more dangerous than Covid. Covid was a fictitious disease with a zero mortality rate because the real causes of these people’s deaths were influenza, pneumonia, an elixir of happiness mislabeled as a vaccine, and ventilators used against medical principles. So disease X also has a mortality rate of zero. This comes from a simple calculation: 20 × 0 = 0. I know that this logic will not help those who are afraid. However, fear can be effectively combated. You just have to have the will to fight it and work towards it.

You may want to read a good article on the topic: Hypothetical “Disease X”: The WHO Pandemic Treaty is a Fraud.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik
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