11. Is it still a democracy?
11. Is it still a democracy?

11. Is it still a democracy?

Vienna 5/6/2020

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I will introduce you to a well-known retired professor in scientific circles. His name is Sucharit Bhakdi. He comes from Thailand. He is a microbiologist and epidemiologist. A renowned doctor and researcher in Germany.
He was a head of the Gutenberg Institute for Microbiology and Medical Hygiene in Mainz.
Why him?
Well, he wrote an open letter on the 26th March with five questions to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
The original letter in German can be read here.

And what happened after this letter appeared on youtube (in German)?
This film has been seen almost 2.5 million times!
You could think that he was invited to discussions by politicians or at least by television? Unfortunately not, but he was offered a 5-minute interview on German television. He declined because a statement on such an important matter could not be given within five minutes.
Many articles criticized him, not his views. None of these journalists mentioned the content of his open letter. It was not in line with the “only correct” line propagated by the world politicians.
Your main argument:
COVID-19 is dangerous, because we say it! Her “experts” are also fully convinced of this.

Politicians have played a significant role in creating the wrong image of a pandemic in the world.
source in German

The fact that politicians from several countries used are almost identical, wrong methods of publicly disclosing information about the “expanding” pandemic shows that they were based on similar premises.

  • The WHO provides relevant information that only spreads fear. These reports have no practical use. Ten years ago, this organization announced a swine flu pandemic that did not exist at all.
  • The current situation is in the hands of the ruler. They have a lot of public support for fear. At least when it comes to protection against an enemy virus. They also have almost unlimited power.
  • Government agencies can now take out huge loans. An excuse has been given.
  • It is possible to enforce laws that would have never been passed without the prevailing fear. Fear also among MPs.

It is therefore, not surprising that the “pandemic” is going so well in democratic countries.

For the sake of clarity, I think democracy is by far the best way to govern the state. I actively fought for democracy in Poland during the time of martial law.

However, a couple of interviews with Professor Bhakdi were conducted. Not on public television, but still. I recommend Interview with Profesor Bhakdi. in German.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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