106. Technocracy and money
106. Technocracy and money

106. Technocracy and money

Vienna 9/2/2021

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American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said: Nothing happens by chance in politics. If something happens, you can bet that it will be exactly what was planned. This is how Ernst Wolff began his speech at the WEFF Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Unlike the World Economic Forum (WEF) by Klaus Schwab, the WEFF is also an organization in Davos whose name is derived from the first letters of the words: Wachstum Erde Friede Freiheit – Growth Earth Peace Freedom.

I will briefly describe the most important theses of this speech.

Any doctor can certify that the current state of health of most people is far worse than it was before the virus crisis. From the point of view of those who have imposed these nonsensical rules on us, we are today in front of a heap of rubble. This supposedly imminent “fourth wave”, the announcement of the need for a third, fourth and fifth dose of the preparation, clearly shows that the previous measures to contain the disease have failed completely.

The middle class – the world’s largest employer and taxpayer is being devastated unprecedented. Who set such destructive goals for themselves? There is only one answer: the technical and financial complex. It is a kind of community of interests, headed by the largest IT companies and the largest asset managers. The largest digital technology groups include: Apple, Alphabet (owner of Google), Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook. The market value of just these five companies is currently $ 9,100 billion. For comparison: The combined gross domestic product of Germany, France and Italy was 8,600 billion US dollars in 2020.

The biggest finance managers are BlackRock, Vangard, State Street, and Fidelity. You are a shareholder in all of the above digital technology companies. These four companies currently manage a total of $ 22,600 billion. For comparison: the gross domestic product of all 28 countries of the European Union was 15,700 billion US dollars last year.

IT companies control most of their customer data. For example, Microsoft is able to collect all information about the behavior of Windows customers. The IT industry is like a cancer that has metastasized, made dependent and completely dominated all industries.

The situation of great finance managers is no different. They are shareholders in every major company in the world and can move any area of the stock market in any direction. The largest of them, BlackRock, has the world’s largest financial database, Alladyn, which was founded 40 years ago. BlackRock is an advisor to the largest central banks in the world – the US Federal Reserve FED in Europe, the European Central Bank. With so much information ahead, it is clear who is setting the tone here.

In the second quarter of 2021, the companies named here achieved their highest financial gains to date. This financially digital complex is capable of bringing down the government of any country in the world at any time and forcing it to take desired action.

At first glance, it looks like these technocrats are trying to destroy their own sources of income, resulting in the ruin of the largest taxpayer, the middle class. But the reality is different – they have no choice but to do what they do. What we are experiencing right now is not the result of a big business plan.

We are currently experiencing a gigantic act of despair. The largest so far in the history of the world. The current monetary system cannot be kept alive with the previous methods. Even in the crisis of 2008 it was possible, at great expense, to keep this sick financial system alive by pumping uncovered money into it. These virtual cash injections had to be increased regularly over a period of 12 years, and interest rates had to be increased regularly.

In March 2020, the interest rate hit zero and printing empty money was not counted in the billions. but in the billions. Banks would not long survive negative interest rates. This means that we as a world have reached the limit of control over this situation. The continued pumping of money will increase inflation, which is already high and threatened with hyperinflation, much like it was 100 years ago.

In such a situation, the financial-technocratic complex decided to implement a double strategy: on the one hand, the new financial system prepares itself without informing anyone, on the other hand, one uses this situation to plunder the world according to all known rules.

The new system would completely eliminate cash and replace it with a fully controlled central bank IT system. The ultimate goal is that each of us only have one central bank account. Central banks are free to create money out of nothing, and negative interest rates would not be a problem for them. All financial transactions would be under the full control of the state. It will also be possible to give any amount an expiration date to force us to spend money. It would also be possible to limit the purchase targets to the state-created list of goods and geographic regions.

In such a system, it is enough to click the mouse of a person authorized by the state to close the possibility of paying people inconvenient for the state.

Of course, the creators are aware that such slavery will meet tremendous opposition. So they decided to throw the world into chaos so that this new “miracle” system would be accepted as the only possible (do we know it somehow?) From the crisis as a salvation. Candy would be a universal basic income for sitting at home. For example, much of the work that has been done by humans can be hijacked by artificial intelligence robots and products. After all, we are dealing with technocrats.

This macabre plan, published in Klaus Schwab’s book Covid19, The Great Reset, is doomed to fail. All of the lies of this plan are slowly coming to light, and fewer and fewer people are following the mass propaganda. Violence and the growing discrepancy with reality testify to the weakness, not the strength, of this totalitarian program. Lies like the unvaccinated pandemic that healthy people are a threat to public health are getting shorter and shorter legs. Anyone who closes an entire region because of illness or a positive test result does so because they lack arguments and deal blind blows out of desperation.

Never before has there been such a great opportunity to reach millions of people with factual arguments that globalists lack.

The author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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