424. US plans to attack Russia
424. US plans to attack Russia

424. US plans to attack Russia

Vienna 04/12/2023

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The plans themselves are not sensational – I would be surprised if they weren’t there. The sensation is their “leakage”. I don’t think any of you doubt that in most countries of the world, especially in the largest countries with imperialist ambitions, plans are being developed in great secrecy, both for defense and for the invasion of other countries.

At the end of the 1970s I had two semesters of military training while studying in Poland. I admit that this topic did not interest me, and during the oral exam I had to answer the colonel’s question: what caliber of weapons does an armored personnel carrier have and here was its name, which I no longer remember. I replied: I don’t know. And that was the right answer, because the colonel told me it was a military secret. After a while he added, or rather, until the “Jews”, as he put it, did not catch such a van anymore. So I passed the exam. For the younger generation of readers, I would like to remind you that Poland was a member of the Warsaw Pact at the time.

The authenticity of the information leaked from the Pentagon has been confirmed by US government officials. As usual, the Pentagon has launched an investigation to identify the perpetrators of this leak. The New York Times reports.

You can read about it in an article published Tuesday in Mainstream News: Why the leaks are so sensitive? Source. In the US, there are harsh penalties for disclosing military secrets. The Rosenbergs were sentenced to death for handing over plans to build an atomic bomb to the USSR. Therefore, this information first appeared on the forum of the game “Minecraft” in the Philippines. That looks like commissioned work. I would like to point out that the Pentagon should be looking for the key Deep State activists.

The Pentagon – inflated with trillions of paper dollars.

Nevertheless, most people live in a world divided into spheres of influence, superpowers, and they see the only way out in further building up their own army, which is mostly incapable of reasonable actions. The current world war – I don’t mean the one in Ukraine, because it is one of many aspects of the war that has been going on for several years – is not a war in which states are parties. This is the Deep State’s undeclared war against the rest of the world. They can be called globalists, although not all globalists support this war.

Do you really think that hundreds of politicians who have been visiting Kiev for the past year have risked their lives for Western civilization? You didn’t risk anything. All of these visits were made with the tacit consent of Moscow. Like in February this year. when Biden strayed around the capital of Ukraine.

Preparations for this war took a long time. Why did it explode now? The reason is the inevitable, very severe global financial crisis of the paper money used up to now. This crisis will grip the whole world and there is no escape. Of course, there are countries that are more easily able to cope with this. In my opinion, it will be least affected by poor countries that don’t have too much public debt. Nobody knows how it will end. Deep State planners don’t know either, although they made some of the most realistic predictions.

The takeover of the world by Deep State forces is the worst solution for us. Therefore, it is extremely important that we do not agree to the WHO plandemic treaty. The WHO declares a pandemic for the world without any basis and is now fighting for the right to decide how to counteract this WHO contagion in future pandemics it causes. It is also extremely important that we defend the right to cash payments. It is true that this current money is a death sentence. However, a new form of money must be created, and our task is that it should not be based on bits and bytes instead of gold. E-money will lead to slavery around the world. Also, what do we pay if the power goes out? What if you bring a card or a charged phone to the store? Cash registers without electricity are less useful than abacus.

The next generation of computers – the abacus.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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