44. USA. Watermarks on ballot papers
44. USA. Watermarks on ballot papers

44. USA. Watermarks on ballot papers

Vienna 11/6/2020

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What do watermarks have to do with the US elections?
Some people may know that watermarks are placed on official ballot papers for security reasons. This is done to make it harder to forge documents.
Nothing special. This is affixed to banknotes and important documents.

On the day of the election, d. H. On Tuesday, November 3rd, I received news that US President Donald Trump had secretly added additional watermarks to prevent abuse by those who can duplicate these standard watermarks.
This information has not been verified by other sources so I have not published it.
Today, however, an interview with Dr.Steve Potasnik, one of the insiders about secret measures against electoral fraud, appeared in the Telegram.
Given that the official media are silent about election fraud, don’t expect any news on TV about these scams.

Yesterday I saw an interview with Donald Trump for German television on YouTube. Trump said in English, of course, “We will not allow illegal votes to be recognized in these elections”. The German translator said that “Trump suspends the vote”.

I want to point out that, personally, I am not a fan of Donald Trump. I disagree with many of his decisions. However, that does not mean that I am indifferent to the situation when the US elections were clearly rigged.

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