314. The slow death of the plandemic
314. The slow death of the plandemic

314. The slow death of the plandemic

Wroclaw / Poland 11/01/2022

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What Caused the Rise and Fall of the Pseudopandemic? There is only one answer: a mass test was created especially for this.

As a reflex to save humanity, Mr. Christian Drosten (from the Berlin Charité) donated the result of his work to the WHO in January 2020 – a PCR test. This test was created on his computer overnight and was based on genetic analysis of lung samples from sick patients transferred from Wuhan. These patients had flu symptoms.

In this way, a test was created that detects in a sample from the tested patient the code segments that are identical to the selected parts of the Wuhan samples. And here lies the heart of the matter. The Wuhan samples contained the metabolites of the progenitor cells, and most likely these were detected by these tests. The whole world is testing people for everything but definitely not the virus.

Almost three years have passed and so far the virus has not been isolated. Such attempts by the virus have been credited with success, but none of them have been carried out according to Robert Koch’s four principles, which are still valid today. First, no control tests were performed, which is a prerequisite for the results of such isolation to be considered scientific.

We have forgotten that diseases are not tested – the diagnosis of a disease is the result of the medical diagnostic process. Laboratory tests are a useful aid in such a diagnosis, but they cannot play the role of arbiter, especially when the tests are designed in such an unprofessional manner.

The chart above shows how many Plandemic tests were conducted per 1,000 residents. One of the most advanced test countries was Austria. Only Cyprus was “better” than Austria. Unfortunately I don’t know if it was the Greek or the Turkish part of Cyprus – maybe both?

In March and April 2022, the number of tests performed fell sharply, which was the reason for the retreat of the plandemic. The coincidence – the word that has come into vogue these days – of the reduction in testing numbers with the escalation of the war in Ukraine is puzzling. Certainly a coincidence, according to the media.

Tested “cases of disease” per million population.

This second diagram shows how the war in Ukraine fought the plandemic. There is something to these claims that Putin deserves the Nobel Prize in medicine – he saved the world from Covid.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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