292. Will we freeze?
292. Will we freeze?

292. Will we freeze?

Vienna 9/08/2022

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Deliveries of Russian gas have been suspended and evil Putin has reduced supplies of energy resources as requested by the European Union. “We will not finance Russian crimes in Ukraine”! It doesn’t matter that most of these crimes were committed by the other side, it’s important that the propaganda works.

Is it really about punishing the attacker? Because even the remote-controlled politicians from Davos know who they actually want to punish. They behave stupidly and are actually puppets, but even the dumbest politician knows that sanctions are intended to irritate those who are being sanctioned, not who is imposing the sanctions. Similarly, two years ago economic blockades were imposed and civil liberties restricted under the pretext of an illness that turned out to be normal.

The idea behind it is the same – the destruction of the economy and in particular the small and medium-sized enterprises on which this economy is based. Also the immigration policy – the admission of several million Ukrainian citizens to Poland – aimed to limit the sense of national identity of Poles. According to globalists, the future belongs to big corporations, not nation states. The same process is taking place in Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy and many other countries not only in Europe.

An article appeared on the Swiss platform Blick on Tuesday: Those who sinners on heating are threatened with jail.

If there is not enough gas in winter, the federal government wants to crack down. In buildings heated with gas, the interior rooms should be brought to a maximum of 19 degrees. Hot water should only be heated to 60 degrees. Radiant heaters or warm air tents would be forbidden. Saunas and swimming pools would have to stay cold.

But it gets even worse: Anyone who violates the guidelines faces imprisonment or a fine. In the case of intentional action, a prison sentence of up to three years or a fine is possible. Even in the case of negligent violations of the measures, a fine of up to 180 daily rates is conceivable.

Since such a law is difficult to control, it was decided to carry out random checks. The state is also counting on the help of the “dear” neighbors and their denunciations such as: “Please check how much Mr. Mälleri heats his apartment. I have a cold and he never!”

If you heat too much in winter, you have to pay 3,000 euros – you can read about it on oe24.

EU nations unite in implementing austerity measures to combat rising energy costs – read an article in English in Turkish AA Platform

It is enough to look at the countries that do not participate in these sanctions – the orange ones – to understand the nonsense of such actions.

How effective are these sanctions? Maybe they will at least destroy the Russian economy? Nothing like that happened, on the contrary – the Russian economy is doing well, unlike the European one. Thanks to the artificially induced increase in gas prices and thanks to new customers such as China and India, Gazprom made a profit of 41.63 billion euros in the first half of the year.

I am opposed to this and every other war. The US gun lobby is capable of bombing any country in the world for the benefit of its shareholders. All you have to do is sell those rockets, bombs and other deadly equipment – for peace, of course. After all, NATO is supposed to be a defense pact. But to convince us all of the new war, the CIA’s special propaganda units are already doing just that – see Wikileaks.org revelations.

Eventually you will say that Russia is the aggressor. No one disputes this, but the US role in this conflict is undeniable. Weren’t the millions of civilians murdered by the US in Iraq in 2003, half of them children, worth sanctioning the aggressor? Apparently not – because public opinion in the West is shaped by US propagandists.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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