192. Russian disinformation
192. Russian disinformation

192. Russian disinformation

Wroclaw / Poland 3/19/2022

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I would be surprised if there was no manipulation. Disinformation is a constant in any war.

We are currently dealing with an interesting situation where the US government is trying to blame the Russian side for their own disinformation. See for yourself what news has appeared on the American FoxNews channel on Youtube.

What do we learn from this film? Well, outragedly denied by most politicians and media, not only in the US, information about US government-funded bioweapons laboratories in Ukraine turned out to be true. Before the US Congress, Viktoria Nulland was interviewed – a well-informed person, as she herself was involved in organizing these laboratories in Ukraine. She not only confirmed the existence of such laboratories, but also expressed concern that these laboratories could now fall into the wrong hands – i.e. the Russian army. Didn’t the responsible CIA officials get the information published in the USA in February about the impending Russian invasion of Ukraine? These are probably the same people who decided to hand over the guns to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The existence of these laboratories, which according to the US government did not exist until now, is explained by the need to prepare for a terrorist attack using biological weapons. So life-threatening new viruses are being created just to study and be prepared for if terrorists make and use one of their own. who will believe it.

If anyone still thinks that this world power has only good intentions and does not believe in such dark actions of the US, then I invite you to read the article about remote websites showing that Obama built a Ukrainian biological laboratory, which deals with “particularly dangerous pathogens”. I would like to remind you that Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

I found a document on the website of the US Embassy in Ukraine: Pathogen Asset Control System.

Obrazek posiada pusty atrybut alt; plik o nazwie grafik-13.png
“Forgotten” Equipment Used by US Troops in Afghanistan.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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