163. Life insurance
163. Life insurance

163. Life insurance

Vienna 1/11/2022

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In France, after the third vaccination, the very wealthy grandfather of a Parisian entrepreneur from Versailles who had life insurance died. The policy was issued for children and grandchildren. The insurance company refuses to pay out several million euros. The court upholds the insurance company’s decision.

II found information about this in one of the entries in the ns2017 blog in French.

The court upholds the insurer’s classification that taking a third dose of an experiment for which there is no evidence of safety is suicide. Due to the announced side effects, where death is a voluntary risk, such an event cannot be covered by the life insurance contract and is legally considered suicide. The family appealed. However, the court found that the insurer’s arguments were sound and compatible with the contract.

Consciously taking deadly risks is legally recognized suicide. The client was informed and agreed to take the risk of death voluntarily without being obliged to do so … Therefore, death after vaccination is judged to be suicide! The insurer does not reimburse the insurance premiums either, since the risk of death after the vaccination excludes the customer from later termination of the contract. This information is of course repeatedly reported in all media. Or not?

The author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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