112. Six pandemic-free countries in Europe
112. Six pandemic-free countries in Europe

112. Six pandemic-free countries in Europe

Vienna 9/24/2021

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The last dictatorship in Europe, Belarus, was a country free from Covid hysteria from the start.

Five countries in Europe have already joined Belarus and this viral madness is over. On July 19, Britain began treatment for corona, as did the flu and other infectious diseases. Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Croatia later alternately entered this path.

We Will Not Be Vaccinated Anymoresays President Of Croatia Zoran Milanovic pandemic should come to an end.

Croatian President Zoran Milanović goes against the current of Covid history. In a TV interview, he stressed that his country’s citizens are not badly vaccinated as suggested by the media, accused the media of spreading the Covid panic, and stressed that there are thousands of other diseases in the world that target must also be respected. “There is no life without risk,” he emphasized.

The UN General Assembly is currently taking place in New York. The Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro refused to accept the “lucky injection” and was therefore not allowed to go to the restaurant. So he decided to have pizza on a New York street.

President Bolsonaro eats pizza in the street. Image from Twitter

For globalists, the earth burns under their feet. I can imagine how many sleepless nights Klaus Schwab, Chairman of the World Economic Forum, spent. In the United States, Antoni Fauci admitted that in the run-up to the congress he was funding many years of research in China to develop a new, dangerous variant of the coronavirus. But when he commissioned the Chinese, he also received a product made in China in the appropriate quality.

You will probably think of Sweden too. This country rightly chose its own path and failed to implement most of the bans that have been placed on the world.

Yesterday the Portuguese government abolished certificates confirming that a citizen does not have a specific disease. Portugal is not yet a member of a club of nations that do not recognize a false pandemic, but it is moving in that direction.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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