552. Space fairy tale
552. Space fairy tale

552. Space fairy tale

Vienna 10/19/2023

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As a teenager, I avidly read science fiction books. It seems that the imagination of great authors was closer to the truth than the fairy tales that NASA told us. Today’s article is the fourth on this blog to feature the fiction of “science” straight from NASA. After the soft landing on the moon, a half-century-long scam, NASA – New Alternative Substitutes for Aliens, it is time to expose the next in a series of lies about space flights made in Hollywood / USA.

If you are 40 years or older, you may remember January 28th 1986. It was the day of a huge NASA catastrophe off the coast of Cape Canaveral, Florida, where at 11:38 am EST, 73 seconds after take-off, Space Shuttle Challenger exploded in a tremendous burst over the Atlantic. Now, for a second time this matter leaves the world breathless. Though, this latest shock even surpasses the one of 30 years ago. At least six of the seven Challenger crew members are said to be still alive; four of them even under the same name. Source.

The next leaf from the tree of lies falls to the ground in autumn, revealing the extent of the lies and fraud associated with space flights. If the victims of the Challenger 23 disaster are still alive, it at least proves that their lives were not sacrificed to lend credence to the NASA-created fairy tale. Nearly 3,000 victims of the US Army’s attack on the World Trade Center 22 years ago were not so lucky.

The lies we believe become the truths we live with. Oliver Hassencamp. This is how lies affect most of us. When they take root, we will defend them by attacking those who try to tell us the truth. The first reaction is laughter: what nonsense are you talking about? Then comes the counterattack phase. We don’t have any arguments at hand, so we make them up. After all, such a lie cannot be kept secret for so many years. And actually a lie can’t stay hidden for that long. However, a well-thought-out series of lies has a longer lifespan, but at some point it comes to light and then the defenders of the “truth” launch a counterattack out of inertia and habit. There was no way I could have been so deceived!

The same laws of psychology were at work during the plandemic. You will surely find many people around you who are convinced that it was the mRNA elixir that saved millions of people around the world from death. Apparently they are confusing cause and effect. The hardest thing for a person is to admit a mistake – it’s definitely easier to continue lying to yourself and those around you. Changing this requires courage, which is a scarce commodity.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik
Email: worldscam3@gmail.com

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