523. The masterminds behind 9/11
523. The masterminds behind 9/11

523. The masterminds behind 9/11

Vienna 09/10/2023

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Tomorrow is the 22nd anniversary of the Manhattan terrorist attack. There is no doubt that it was terror. However, it is not clear who the terrorist was? Most of us have already formed opinions on this subject, but opinion is one thing and evidence is another, and there is still no evidence. However, we have many indications that a group of high-ranking people in the CIA and the Pentagon, with the active cooperation of then US President J.W. Bush orchestrated this tragic spectacle and sacrificed the lives of citizens for his own purposes.

There have been many theories about how the three World Trade Center buildings were planned to be blown up. I presented one of them two years ago in the article 20 Years of Ground Zero.

This documentary uncovers previously unknown but remarkable facts about 9/11. It provides circumstantial evidence that circles of people knew about this event in advance. In addition to indispensable background knowledge of the 9/11 Commission, unbelievable entanglements and machinations of the U.S. government of that time come to light. You will also learn what this is all about with the alleged perpetrator Osama bin Laden. Source.

It was one of three major events whose official reports were based on lies. The assassination of US President J.F. Kennedy (1963). the “landing” of American astronauts on the moon (1969) and the attack in downtown New York (2001).

Politicians lie – that’s clear; if they didn’t, they would end up like Gaddafi or Hussein. Their philosophy is to be a living imbecile rather than a dead soothsayer. This also applies to the USA. It is not the USA as a country that imposes its lies on the world, it is the shadow government – the Deep State – with its supporters around the world that runs the governments of many countries.

A month and a half before the terrorist attack, Larry Silverstein rented the entire WTC complex for 99 years for $3.2 billion, which he was supposed to pay back in monthly installments.
He managed to pay only $14 million. He also insured the buildings in the event of a terrorist attack. After all, he received double compensation because he proved that there were two terrorist attacks on two planes. The total amount of compensation was $8.05 billion.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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