256. Homeless
256. Homeless

256. Homeless

Vienna 7/17/2022

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There are still many people in the world who believe that the homeless deserve this difficult fate. After all, there is no shortage of work…

Make them think about what happens if they can’t pay the next mortgage payment? Most of these rates have doubled or even increased recently. The bank from which such a person took out a loan is waiting for such opportunities to confiscate – steal – a house or apartment from the debtor. And all in the majesty of the law. The portion of the loan already repaid is also recovered against easily identifiable costs.

There really isn’t a lack of work. But to be able to work you have to have a postal address, you can’t come to work unwashed, you have to have clean clothes and a bank account that stole everything from you. Sure, you can open an account at a competitor bank, but they stole from others too, who are now homeless.

In Le Bourget near Paris, the police treated a homeless man like this:

I hope someone brought a container of water to help this man. The French police prefecture said it was referring the case to the main police inspectorate after the footage was posted on social media.

We are at the beginning of a serious crisis – bigger than any we have known so far. The number of homeless will certainly increase. If that hasn’t hit us yet, let’s not turn our backs on them. Your coins will help such an unfortunate man to get through the next few moments. And don’t explain that by helping the homeless you are only prolonging their suffering. Any of us can end up like this…

And how did you become homeless?
alcohol, drugs?
I forgot to turn off the light…

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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