223. A race against time
223. A race against time

223. A race against time

Vienna 5/29/2022

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In an article published two days ago in the Swiss uncut-news.ch, The globalists’ race against time we read:

There will be a Great Reset, just not in the form the globalists intended. Instead, they will probably have to settle for the Great Decoupling. As Western influence continues to wane at a rapid pace, the trend of countries entering the orbit of China/Russia is bound to increase. The NWO they have been yearning for for generations will probably be limited to Western Europe and North America, which is about 15% of the world’s population. The impact of the catastrophic Ukraine provocation and failed sanctions will soon be inevitable. Food and energy shortages along with uncontrollable inflation will make even this smaller NWO harder to control. The Emperor is naked, as all can now see, their game is old, tired and predictable, and they have no new ideas. The globalists may not have to worry about a return of Trump in 2024. It is very likely that time will be up for them by then. It could happen any day.

A new proposal coming to the UN essentially requires all nations to cede their sovereignty to the WHO in the event of another pandemic. That they even believe the WHO enjoys such a level of trust post-Covid is an illusion. This see-through world power takeover is easy to see for what it is, and on the off chance it gains traction, expect another pandemic to follow shortly thereafter.

From Davos’ point of view, this is the only chance to relieve those responsible for the previous pandemic.

When the WEF published an article by Ida Auken, Member of the Danish Parliament, on its platform six years ago: Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better – it never occurred to anyone that they would be forced to delete this text. Despite self-censorship, most of the removed content is still available – in the case of the mentioned WEF article here.

Why do I think a major reset is inevitable? Because global financial policy, especially that of the US Federal Reserve, sooner or later had to lead to a global economic catastrophe, the beginnings of which we are currently experiencing.

The green economy, deindustrialization, digital health passports, central bank digital currencies are all core components of the globalists’ plan for the Great Reset.

How those involved in this farce deal with their own rules is best shown by the private jets with which the committed environmentalists flew into Davos.

A record 1,500 private jets have landed in Switzerland for the World Economic Forum to discuss ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

[6/26/2022] I got the information that this photo is not from Davos. It is possible that the airport in Davos, Switzerland, is simply too small to “park” that many private jets. I suspect that most of them departed to other less crowded airports upon arrival.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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