61 The third world war
61 The third world war

61 The third world war

Vienna 3/11/2021

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Before dealing with the topic of the Third World War, I would like to present a collection of documented deaths and vaccine complications mainly of elderly people. You can read the original article in German here.
For those unfamiliar with Gethe’s language, I have translated the whole into English.

“This is the third world war without weapons”.
This is how the management of one of the German nursing homes for the elderly described the current situation .
If you are afraid of losing your sense of security, you better not watch this movie. Your delusions may be threatened by cruel facts.
I did a lot of work to translate and create English subtitles for this movie. I did it because I believe that if you watch it, you will be one of the brave ones who are not afraid of facts, and there are really few such people.

Or maybe you are one of those people for whom the word empathy has no meaning?
Maybe you don’t care that mainly elderly people die en masse after receiving the experimental vaccine?
Wait, they’ll get to you sometime. You will not be forever young. Maybe you will be lucky and there will be someone brave who will stand up for you.

If, in a retirement home, every third inhabitant does not survive vaccination, then this pharmaceutical product can be safely classified as an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.


Author: Marek Wojcik

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