60 World government
60 World government

60 World government

Vienna 2/22/2021

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For those who do not believe in the existence of such a government with ambitions of global power, please visit that government’s website.
You can see the film 75 Years of the United Nations on YouTube. I assure you that this film will not be censored like my films.

[6/24/2022] Contrary to my assurances, this film was also a victim of censorship. Apparently, however, such brazen advocacy of globalism did not work to the advantage of the gentlemen of Davos.

On Saturday I published a video on YouTube about the happening in Mariahilfer Straße in Vienna.
Half an hour later, my video was deleted from YouTube, like two other videos last year, with this statement:

Warning of violations of community guidelines

Your content has been removed for violating our Community Guidelines.
You cannot upload videos, post or broadcast live content for 1 week.

But let’s get back to the subject of this chapter, world government.
The question is: who will rule the world?
I haven’t found a straight answer, but I know what organizations this government is already working with. These are the United Nations, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and of course the WHO.
The UN video – link above – shows well-known global strategies for future economic, political and environmental plans.
It sounds like a symphony for a bright future thanks to the use of a plan and a great reset to start over and of course much better than before to create a “brave new world”.

Has anyone asked us what we – I mean, the self-thinking inhabitants of the world – think about it?
Or do you think that the 18-year-old Swede financed her global environmental campaign herself?
Perhaps you think that the pillars with windmills greatly improve our environment and contribute to the satisfaction of energy needs?
Perhaps you believe that humanity can in some way affect carbon dioxide levels and change the temperature in the world?
Perhaps you believe that the same people who contributed most to the spread of hunger in the world are now going to show us how to tackle it?

There are many such questions, and the answer is one: in creating a new reality, the same methods of manipulation are used that contributed to this crisis.


Author: Marek Wojcik

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