188. Fear is our duty
188. Fear is our duty

188. Fear is our duty

Vienna 3/5/2022

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I wrote about fear two years ago in April 2020. Few of us probably remember being threatened by media propaganda. As a reminder, a photo from an article in The Guardian from 1/31/2020:

But we are no longer afraid – at least the vast majority of us – of this terrible pandemic. In a few years we will also learn that the war in Ukraine or the moment when the war broke out was organized by the same elites who imposed a fake pandemic on the world.

Nobody is talking about me anymore !!

Yes, nobody is showing artificially generated images of the virus anymore – it has become ineffective and it has become increasingly difficult to uphold the lies of the sanitary dictatorship in the face of the enormous amount of evidence contradicting these lies. So what should the “poor” supporters of globalist propaganda do in such a situation? Do nothing – means an international tribunal and judgments.

The war in Ukraine suddenly broke out for a reason. Although Western propaganda, including Polish ones, portrays Putin as a madman, this is not true at all. He is a politician far more realistic than any politician west of Russia. The historic moment that decided that we have war in Europe today was the Bucharest conference in 2008. Read the Bucharest Summit Declaration from May 8, 2008. What was decided at this conference?

23. NATO welcomes Ukraine’s and Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations for membership in NATO. We agreed today that these countries will become members of NATO. Both nations have made valuable contributions to Alliance operations. We welcome the democratic reforms in Ukraine and Georgia and look forward to free and fair parliamentary elections in Georgia in May. MAP is the next step for Ukraine and Georgia on their direct way to membership. Today we make clear that we support these countries’ applications for MAP. Therefore we will now begin a period of intensive engagement with both at a high political level to address the questions still outstanding pertaining to their MAP applications. We have asked Foreign Ministers to make a first assessment of progress at their December 2008 meeting. Foreign Ministers have the authority to decide on the MAP applications of Ukraine and Georgia.

MAP – Membership Action Plan. And how did the “mad” Putin react at the time?

The south of Ukraine – there are only Russians… Ukraine merely received it with the decision of KPSS political bureau. Who may assert that we do not have any interest there?

This is how the crisis began. It peaked in 2014, during the Orange Revolution in Kyiv, where provocateurs blindly fired on the crowd. The aim was to provoke a “public” protest. Also in May 2014, Ukrainian nationalist groups sparked anti-Russian riots in Odessa. 48 people were killed. The union building was set on fire and those who fled or jumped from the windows were murdered. They were most commonly used to kill axes, similar to the Volhynia massacres. You can watch the documentary about these events in Odessa on YouTube. This is how you can set the English subtitles.

When you look at the one-sided propaganda news, think about which side lies more. There is no doubt that both sides are sowing propaganda – these are the rules of information warfare. In war, the enemy is anyone who speaks the enemy’s language. This is still the case today. It fights with everything Russian, culture, art, even Russian cuisine has fallen victim to propaganda. Currently, the fascist government in Ukraine is a paragon of “cleverness and courage”. The fact that Zelenskyj is a Jew does not change that. It was he who signed the fascist law six months ago. I wrote about it in the previous post.

In the United States, the Democratic Party faces a shattering defeat in the fall 2022 congressional and senate elections. On the way to Washington is a huge convoy of trucks – much larger than the one in Canada. A lawsuit has been filed against Hillary Clinton employees. In such a situation, the only salvation for the globalists is the war in Europe and the threat of escalation of this war for the whole world. It’s probably a plan B in case the pandemic doesn’t work.

Putin’s stance is an open question. There is no doubt that Putin is one of the Davos-trained globalists. Removing his picture from the WEF (Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum) website proves nothing. If this war between the three powers over which globalists have a strong influence was tacitly organized, it is easier to understand why Putin started this war which, apart from showing strength – not necessarily backed by success – Russia will bring no tangible benefits.

I don’t think it necessary to state the obvious. Yes, I am a staunch opponent of war. I believe that every war is won by those who command it to get rich. You will not directly participate in frontline activities. But no – they are above such matters. All the more because they despise human life as long as it is not their life.

But let’s get back to the topic of this article. Fear is our duty. This frightening process will not end as long as we allow this fear to spread and the war propaganda to spread. What helps us when we fall into anti-Russian euphoria? We will drown this fear, which is so eagerly propagated in the media today, within ourselves. So psychology is used for purposes that never were and never will be our goals.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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