12. What about Europe’s last dictatorship?
12. What about Europe’s last dictatorship?

12. What about Europe’s last dictatorship?

Vienna 9.5.2020

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WHO recommendations are ignored during an anxiety pandemic in a European country.
Today, in connection with the 75th anniversary of the end of the war, the only army parade in Minsk took place in the world.
Football games take place in stadiums as usual. Fewer fans come, but they come anyway. The dictator has prohibited panic and what are the results?
About 10 million people live in Belarus. These are the death statistics for the four countries Belarus, Poland, Russia and Ukraine:

Statystyka Belarus

Numbers of deaths in these four countries from March 1 to April 11

Source in German

Our old friend Worldometer for Belarus.
For comparison Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

What do you say?
Is the data false? Possible, but what about data from other, democratic countries? Read the previous chapter. There, as always with sources, I described exactly the mechanisms for manipulating the death statistics in relation to the coronavirus in England and the USA.
Of course, I don’t support dictatorship and that’s not the point here. In one case, however, President Lukashenko is right, the pandemic was caused artificially and has little to do with the virus.

WHO and the government threaten in their communiqués against the so-called second pandemic wave. “Don’t give up your efforts,” “sit at home,” “wear a mask,” and keep your distance from your neighbor.

What does the man say who, based on his knowledge and many years of experience in epidemiology, is most likely to talk about this topic? Professor Dr. Bhakdi, mentioned in the previous chapter, claims that there is no second wave in epidemics. This happened once in the history of mankind, a hundred years ago, during the flu, which was wrongly called Spanish. At the end of the First World War, widespread hunger and poor hygiene conditions led to another outbreak of the flu epidemic some time later.
Today it is impossible, we live in different conditions.

Another statement by Professor Bhakdi is worth quoting. He trained several thousand doctors and said if one of the candidates in the epidemiological review described the situation of the current pandemic and explained that only the vaccine would save mankind, this would fail due to a lack of knowledge …

Further proof that if the world alone did not lead to the ruin of people and the economy through an imaginary pandemic and restrictions on democratic rights, everything would be as before.
Perhaps it was not a good thing before the epidemic, that can be discussed, but the cost of such learning is unimaginably high.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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