581. EMA answers
581. EMA answers

581. EMA answers

Vienna 11/25/2023

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NO! The EMA (European Medicines Agency) is not responsible for its decisions no matter what – no institution does that anymore. EMA responded to a letter. Six members of the European Parliament: Gilbert Collard, Francesca Donato, Marcel de Graaff, Virginie Joron, Mislav Kolakušić, Joachim Kuhs, Ivan Vilibor Sinčić and Bernhard Zimniok sent a letter to the EMA board with a series of questions about the approval of vaccinations against COVID -19. EMA response.

The response said: COVID-19 vaccines have not been authorised for preventing transmission from one person to another. The indications are for protecting the vaccinated individuals only. There is a clear contradiction here to the media statements made by “experts” about TV disease.

For those who tend to forget, I would like to remind you how the media handled this issue two years ago. The promoted work ban for unvaccinated people was intended to encourage them to accept “protection” that they do not need. This long-awaited “miracle cure” that will end the pandemic is proving to be completely useless. And what do those who claim that unvaccinated people pose a threat to public health say? One of many disinformation from the authorities!

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Some countries such as Austria and the Vatican have even introduced mandatory vaccinations. Apparently it was a compulsion to protect oneself in precarious ways, with no guarantee of stopping this flu. I would like to remind you that the only criterion for whether someone wore a crown was not the scepter or the throne on which they sat, but a nonsensical test, devoid of any medical expertise to diagnose any disease. A similar PCR test is also the only indicator of a “disease” such as AIDS.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik
Email: worldscam3@gmail.com

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