574. Let’s talk to the president
574. Let’s talk to the president

574. Let’s talk to the president

Ostrzeszów/Poland 11/17/2023

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Many people wonder how two Russian comedians manage to talk to famous politicians and celebrities? How does a conversation with the country’s president work? Most of us just don’t even try, although many of us would happily tell a politician that we don’t like what we think about them. Apart from the fact that such a politician usually knows exactly what we want to tell him, the difficulties in the form of a civil service seem insurmountable. Nevertheless, they can be overcome. In an interview for the independent German platform Antispiegel.tv, the two comedians, whose jokes I have often written about, reveal their secrets to Thomas Röpper.

Source. English subtitles Marek Wójcik.

In the film you will find out how the conversation with Polish President Duda came about. If it’s that simple, maybe we can talk to our Chancellor? What would we like to ask him? Well, I don’t have any questions for him. I just don’t see any reason to ask a man about matters of state if he has nothing to say about them. All decisions, without exception, are made by someone else. At least that’s what I think: I think it comes from a simple analysis of his actions. It’s not worth dealing with dolls. We might as well ask the puppets in the theater for their views.

If I had to talk to someone, I would choose former US President George W. Bush. That’s why I would have no respect or compassion for him. God forbid! If I could get him to give an honest answer, I would ask him: When was he privy to the plans to attack the World Trade Center? I would also ask Putin how long he knew about the plans for the 1999 attacks? Accountants would say that many times more people died in an attack on the WTC than in all attacks in Russia. Of course, the United States significantly outnumbers Russia in cruelty. But what benefit does this bring to specific victims and their families?

Alle diese Opfer wurden von Dienststellen, die ihrer eigenen Regierung unterstellt waren, brutal ermordet. Es gab auch ein gemeinsames Ziel. Ein Argument gewinnen: Bewaffnete Aggression gegen ein anderes Land unter dem Vorwand der Terrorismusbekämpfung. Auch die Methoden zur Manipulation der öffentlichen Meinung waren ähnlich. Schließlich, werden Sie sagen, sind Washington und Moskau zwei feindliche Seiten auf der geopolitischen Weltkarte! Ja, aber diese Karte ist etwas veraltet.

All of these victims were brutally murdered by agencies subordinate to their own government. There was also a common goal. Winning an Argument: Armed aggression against another country under the pretext of combating terrorism. The methods used to manipulate public opinion were also similar. After all, you will say, Washington and Moscow are two hostile sides on the world geopolitical map! Yes, but this map is a bit outdated.

Today’s politics are not determined by forces in the White House, the Kremlin or Beijing. These real powers are BlackRock or Vanguard. Here you will find the perpetrators of the plandemic, the war in Ukraine and the current conflict in the Middle East. These are the richest investment companies in the world, whose assets amount to well about 15 trillion (trillion = million million, or 1012) US dollars. Source see page 45.

For comparison: the gross domestic product of the entire European Union is 14.5 trillion €. Of course, this is a comparison of two different parameters, but it allows us to see the size of these globalist corporations.

But let’s get back to our Russian comedians. I like people with a sense of humor. Dark people have little chance of winning my sympathy. It’s not impossible, but personally I definitely prefer to laugh a little, even in difficult moments. And people like Lexus and Vovan help a lot. For me, the lyrics of Polish cabarets from the 1970s and earlier were a light in the tunnel of the dark days of the Polish People’s Republic.

The best job in the People’s Republic of Poland. 8 hours repetition: not available.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik
Email: worldscam3@gmail.com

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