546. Flag replacement
546. Flag replacement

546. Flag replacement

Vienna 10/10/2023

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We are currently experiencing a massive flag movement. The current yellow-blue flag of Ukraine has already fulfilled its role of false “solidarity”. The Ukrainian one is replaced by a white one with a blue Star of David. In the countries of what was once Western civilization, this can be seen at every turn.

This is how the Parliament building in London was decorated.

Globalists appear to have developed this main method of deceiving the public. The pattern is the same as the transition from the Covid war to the Ukraine war. Here, too, one-sided propaganda is rarely based on facts and only half of it. The other half is silent, hypocritical and disrespected. A coin always has two sides. In short, this tactic can be described as follows:

Putin is to blame for everything and let’s not listen to what he says because he is guilty.
The Palestinians are to blame for everything and let’s not listen to what they have to tell us because they are guilty.

In many countries the law protects perpetrators more than victims. If someone breaks into your home and while defending your property you cause harm to the burglar, you could face a hefty fine. All you can do is point the finger at an armed criminal and tell him to go away – “You’re being naughty!”

I have written a lot in this blog about the facts about the war in Ukraine that were hidden by the media. Now is the time to show the other side of the coin in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I want to make it clear that Hamas’ terrorist methods are reprehensible – as is any violence perpetrated against another person. Let’s start with the impact of the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 on the size of Palestinian territory.

Territorial changes 1946 to 2010. Palestine, black. Israel white. Source: Telegram August 10, 2023 11:02 am.

It was the United Nations that assigned the Palestinian territories to Israel in 1947. Twenty years later, in 1967, Israel annexed additional Palestinian territories and occupies them to this day. Changes after 1967 concern the settlement of Palestinian areas by Israelis.

Note the area of Gaza highlighted in red above. About 2 million Palestinians live in this small area. The population density is 5,328 inhabitants per square kilometer. For comparison: in 2020 in Europe there are 34 inhabitants per square kilometer. The region’s electricity and drinking water supplies are controlled by Israel.

Israel has just declared war on Hamas and cut off electricity, fuel and water supplies to the entire Gaza Strip. There, in Gaza, the Hamas fighters who so brutally attacked Israel on Saturday and murdered hundreds of civilians have their hideout. In retaliation, the Israeli army launched massive air strikes on Gaza that could be compared to the Allied area bombings of World War II.

Israel’s bombing of densely populated areas is a terrible crime. Cruelty based on logic derived from medicine. In the fight against cancer, chemotherapy poisons the entire body in the hope that only the cancer cells die. In both cases we are dealing with genocide.

Remember that animals do not deserve cruelty. Israeli civilians were also brutally murdered. The reprisal killing of civilians in the Gaza Strip has one goal: to increase the flow of migrants to Europe.

Before anyone accuses me of anti-Semitism or any form of racism, I admit that I am a racist in the spirit of the Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor FranklThere are only two “races”: the race of decent people and the race of indecent people. When making such a classification, it is important which moral criteria are used.

Is Rabbi Elchanan Beck an anti-Semite? Asserts that:
There is only one solution for peace in the Holy Land. It is a return to the pre-1948 era and the return of all confiscated territories to Palestinian society. The only country in the world that occupies foreign lands and still plays the role of victim is Israel.
Source: Telegram October 10, 2023 07:44.

I managed to find an interesting statement made by the current US President in 1986 regarding Israel:

Joe Biden wore a red tie in 1986, like Republicans do today.
If there were no Israel, the United States would have to invent Israel to protect its interests in the region.
Source: Telegram September 10, 2023 4:56 p.m.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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