484. Eat that Frog!
484. Eat that Frog!

484. Eat that Frog!

Vienna 07/11/2023

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Brian Tracy Eat that Frog! This is a book for business people, a real vade mecum on increasing workplace productivity and achieving happiness. In my opinion this book is very good, not only for those who aspire to a professional career. I recommend it because it’s just good for those who want to work on their own outlook on life.

No, I do not participate in any affiliate program. Otherwise you will find a link to a publisher here. I have no contact with the author of the book. He is my mentor whose advice I have sought for a quarter of a century.

Today’s topic will not be promoting the consumption of these lovable animals. I would like to raise the issue of warnings about foods that have this symbol used on their packaging, which are common in the non-mainstream world:

It can be found on the packaging of many foods.

Not every evil in the world can be attributed to the great philanthropist who once converted an operating system into a computer in his garage and sold it to IBM as his own invention. People tend to think in schematic ways, and when Bill Gates has been labeled an evil philanthropist, they are eager to bring in new, made-up “acts” that result from overactive imaginations. I will not defend this degenerate at all – I will protect our community of sane people from falling into the trap of labeling.

Yesterday, Austria’s Report24 published an article: Investigated: Rainforest Alliance frog story took off on satirical Twitter channel (source), which factually debunks the myths surrounding the addition of mRNA to food. I myself wrote in May in the article: Lettuce with mRNA about replacing vaccines with injections by adding these substances to food.

Certainly the two views presented contradict each other. Nevertheless, it is worth looking at the problem more broadly and being open to arguments. It is this open approach that makes it possible to understand that, in addition to black and white, we have an infinite number of shades at our disposal.

If I disappoint someone by not giving a recipe for life, they should look it up in any mainstream newspaper – there are plenty of those. I don’t think it’s about me taking on the role of a guru teacher explaining what is right and what is wrong to his students. Everyone has to discover that for themselves.

Or maybe give up everything and go on vacation?

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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