483. Another Brick in the Wall
483. Another Brick in the Wall

483. Another Brick in the Wall

Vienna 07/10/2023

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When I heard Pink Floyd’s famous song “Another Brick in The Wall” (1:51:20) at the Vienna Stadium in July 1988, I was convinced that I would always be against the building of walls that separate nations. I still believe that we must unite and not divide.

After watching the film Sound of Freedom about the sexual abuse of young children, another aspect that has little to do with the division of nations emerged.

South Texas. The wall on the border with Mexico. Source.

Sound of Freedom is an American biopic by Alejandro Monteverde about the American human rights activist Tim Ballard, who fights human trafficking with his organization Operation Underground Railroad. The drama film premiered on April 12th.
Release Date: July 4, 2023 (United States)
Director: Alejandro Gomez Monteverde
Budget: $14.5 million
Music by: Javier Navarrete
Production companies: Santa Fe Films
Produced by: Eduardo Verástegui
Source: Telegram 07/10/2023 11:09.

I present to you an excerpt of a scene in the White House where four years ago the film’s main character, Tim Ballard, presents Donald Trump (of course both are actors) with a picture of the situation of children kidnapped by pedophiles to gratify their lusts

An excerpt from the film Sound of Freedom. Source.

It can be said that every president or dictator likes to present himself as the protector of children. I think Trump’s first line was to stop the flow of criminals across the southern border of the United States. I liked the way President Trump received the funds to build this wall. He withheld funding for government officials, including congressmen, until they gave in and passed an executive order to build a protective wall in Texas. Of course it was blackmail. However, if the will to stop the construction of the “Great Wall of China” had been strong among congressmen, Trump would not have won this battle at the time.

The real man behind the movie Sound of Freedom – Tim Ballard – who was part of the FBI task force and was the one who saved many children in Colombia from certain death. ALONG WITH A SPECIAL NATIONAL POLICE OF COLOMBIA, over 250 children were rescued from a mafia of psychopathic pedophiles and drug dealers whose bosses were called Scorpion and Piranha… this happened in Honduras and Colombia. Source: Telegram 07/07/2023 19:46.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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