482. Manipulation of digital money
482. Manipulation of digital money

482. Manipulation of digital money

Vienna 07/09/2023

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Eswar Prasad – Former Chief, China Division, International Monetary Fund. Currently, Tolani Senior Professor of Trade Policy, Cornell University. Concurrently: New Century Chair in International Economics, Brookings Institution; Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research. This is how the achievements of this economist are described on the pages of the World Economic Forum.

Speech by Eswar Prasad at this year’s World Economic Forum meeting. A clip from the film.

The government decides that units of central bank money can be used to buy some things but not other things it deems less desirable, like ammunition, drugs, pornography and the like.

Given how this government is spreading climate hysteria without any scientific basis, it’s not hard to imagine restricting the purchase of meat while facilitating the sale of worms for food use. It will also be very easy to restrict the sale of fuel at gas stations and offer drivers the option to buy bikes. Of course, I have nothing against bicycles, but I have a lot against such “education” of society based on false ideology.

In parallel with plans to introduce digital currency in most countries around the world, the WHO treaty is being pushed ahead, according to which states should submit to a corrupt organization whose goal is to wield power over the world (power for WHO sponsors, of course) and people’s health is definitely getting in the way of that.

And people will think it’s for their own good anyway.
The bank will do whatever it takes to hold our debt…
Drug companies have done everything they can to make us sick…
The arms manufacturers did everything to make war…
The media will do anything to keep us from finding out the truth…
The government will do everything to make it legal.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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