467. Plandemic settlement
467. Plandemic settlement

467. Plandemic settlement

Wroclaw/Poland 06/08/2023

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David Martin’s speech, which I featured in the Pandemic Planning article, was named Speech of the Year 2023. This speech took place in Brussels as part of the Covid Summit in the European Parliament.

For many MEPs, the real reason behind the difficult effort to win voters’ votes and secure their position as MEPs in the European Parliament is by no means small things like several thousand euros a month’s salary for an MEP or the reimbursement of these costs, the cost of flights, hotels etc. In my opinion, the gentlemen with briefcases, in which they provide MPs with the necessary resources to ensure that discreet sponsors have the right vote when voting, is sufficient in my opinion…

These corrupt electoral voters in Parliament had a chance at this Covid summit to find out why they are being paid so well. Most of them don’t know what regret is when it comes to hundreds of thousands of green bills (euros or dollars – little difference). Next year, on June 9, 2024, we will vote on the next package of MEPs in the European Parliament. So if we want to change something, we have time to look at how elected or future candidates for the House of Representatives vote. It’s definitely easier than sitting in Brussels counting men with briefcases as they pass by. Oh sorry potential feminists – ladies can bring briefcases too.

Christine Anderson, who I have written about many times on this blog, is the MP I would have no hesitation in voting for in Germany. There are certainly more honest MEPs. It is up to us, the voters, to separate the wheat from the chaff. You will probably say that in Brussels everyone takes. There are honest people in this world. Not everyone is blinded by the brilliance of doomed money.

Christine ANDERSON. Source.

Christina Anderson said of the courageous people who performed at the summit: We have grown into a family. It’s a family of dissenting voices all around the globe and I am particularly grateful that I have been made a part, a member of this family that I am very proud of, and like I said, wonderful people, and we will continue to be the dissenting voice, and we will do whatever it takes to bring down the globalitarian elites. Source.

Description of the video below on kla.tv: Freedom and truth are the guiding principles of the International Covid Summit which met in the European Parliament in early May. Finally, doctors and international experts in cooperation with EU parliamentarians were able to present the shocking facts to the public at large. But there is a new threat from the WHO Pandemic Treaty which is currently being negotiated.

It is understandable that such a conference in the European Parliament is only a prelude to accountability for crimes against humanity. It’s not about revenge on the criminals: they should be punished. It is much more important to create mechanisms to prevent future potential conspiracies, the costs of which, as we see, are tragic. Short-term goals are also important – helping the victims. We can still help some. It’s a job for years. Before doing this, we must remove the ability for these criminals to influence the world. Politics, the media, the judiciary, the public prosecutor’s office and international organizations such as the UN and the WHO.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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