86. The language of flowers
86. The language of flowers

86. The language of flowers

Vienna 6/9/2021

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Yesterday, June 8th, the German-language Epoche Times published an article about a Berlin flower shop, that had not closed a single day during the planedemic. If the customer of this florist showed up with no hidden face, they would get an extra flower and smile from the seller.

How was that possible? Has Germany finally introduced the worst virus terror in all of Europe? It’s true. They were officials from the public order office. The shopkeeper spoke to them. Now my standard message to the officers is: I need a personal notification from you so that my damage insurance pays or, if you have acted wrongly, that you pay. Everyone is afraid of that. We received two tough charges last April, but the court immediately refused to hear the matter.

Customers came to them willingly, including police officers.

The florist owner’s philosophy was simple: Once you have understood how the media works and you don’t allow yourself to be drawn into it, then normal, common sense is enough. He tells me that we have to live as we have lived before. That families have to stick together in a crisis and not be torn apart. That the most important thing for old people is to have contact with their children and grandchildren. In my opinion, this is where the greatest vital energy is drawn.

Despite supply difficulties, a term familiar to GDR citizens, the flower shop owner saved his flower shop, in which he had put so much work and savings. That they are so afraid of this virus that they accept it without complaint, that their own existence, which was partly built up over decades, will be destroyed.

Flowers – they never get boring.

The author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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