85. 12,000 dead in the experiment
85. 12,000 dead in the experiment

85. 12,000 dead in the experiment

Vienna 6/5/2021

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As of May 22, 12,184 people in Europe had died after being injected with one of the four experimental mRNA substances. Number of people with severe complications: 1,196,190, over a million. This was announced by the European Medicines Agency EMA. Source in GermanSource in French.

Two weeks earlier, on May 8, the same agency released similar data:

I am not going to enumerate here the rate of growth of this mass destruction of the population. This would not make sense as only a fraction – estimated by statisticians at 10% – is reported to the database. Therefore, the increase in cases may be due to improvements in the data collection method.

I’ll show you what the situation – as of May 8, 2021 – looked like with individual products:

Pfizer: 5,368 deaths, 170,528 serious complications

Moderna: 2,865 deaths, 22,985 serious complications

Astrazeneca: 2,102 deaths, 208,873 major complications

Janssen: 235 deaths, 2,873 serious complications

Current data on complications after ingestion of an experimental genetic substance now show more than 3 million cases of serious side effects.

While this information is available, it will not be published or disclosed in the mass media. After all, you have to move the business forward. And that people are killed or mutilated for life? Who cares – money matters.

I want to remind you that a year ago the same people pointed out the feeling of solidarity and responsibility for the lives of others.

The author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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