84. Homo Sapiens
84. Homo Sapiens

84. Homo Sapiens

Vienna 6/3/2021

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Today I wrote two chapters on people of the plandemic age. It is this time that forces us to be clear about what we mean. Even if the context shows that only one interpretation is correct. In both chapters I presented two radically different attitudes. I am not saying that anyone who is afraid of the virus or even sleeps with a mask on is automatically an informer. A claim that is basically absurd and yet there are those who would be outraged. I have purposely chosen attitudes that perceive the world through the prism of ideology.

While this is a common practice today, it is by no means the rule. I apologize to those who take what I write for granted, but there are also others who describe themselves as empathic. It is they who defend those who find this defense very exaggerated.

We are homo sapiens, but do we always use the gift of our mind? If I cannot find the hidden key, it means that I have completely relied on automatic, thoughtless, unconscious actions for this purpose. What does thinking mean? I call it using knowledge and experience to learn from the current situation. On television, information that does not blatantly contradict our worldview is viewed as fact. If we hear from the weather forecast that tomorrow will be a clear day, we act accordingly.

However, it is hardly conceivable that we create a weather forecast ourselves, laboriously collect information from weather stations and build computer models that are more or less likely to generate a forecast for the future. We don’t do it because it’s too much work and the benefits are rather limited. It’s easier to rely on the TV even if the rain hits us the next day.

Such widespread behavior has been used by media propaganda for years to force a certain way of thinking on people. Most wars were preceded by mass disinformation to convince their citizens that the enemy is ruthless and worthy of punishment.

War in Libya. Do you remember? Because the media “for people” have long forgotten it.

Both Muammar al-Gaddafi in Libya and Saddam Hussein in Iraq were dictators. Both were defeated by a war prepared by media manipulation without any justification under international law. The government of one country in the world decided to get rid of them because they stood in the way of oil resources in their own countries and that was lawless.

I’m writing about it for one purpose only – let’s start making more use of our own minds. Especially when we are unable to get the TV news in the right place. In the bin..

Author of the article Marek Wojcik

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