454. Russia took over Bakhmut
454. Russia took over Bakhmut

454. Russia took over Bakhmut

Wroclaw/Poland 05/21/2023

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I did not write about the military front of the strange war in Ukraine in my blog. It is difficult to find objective information in the thick of political and military propaganda. Propaganda created equally by all parties to the conflict. One of the more objective and informed sources of information is the Southfront platform.

This is how the publishers of the platform write about their philosophy: There is far too much “dirty play” from mainstream media that attempts to hide the real truth behind the causes that provoke the various conflicts facing the world today. They create a false image of a fictitious enemy, steer public opinion, and engineer the consent of people in different countries by controlling the narrative of events. A perfect example of this is what occurred in the Ukraine, when thousands of misinformed people took to the streets, fed with disinformation and empty promises, and destroyed the stable institutions of the nation. Source. The last sentence refers to the CIA-organized coup on the Maidan in February 2014.

In yesterday’s entry: Military situation in Ukraine May 20, 2023 state that the Russian army captured the city of Bakhmut.

Located in a strategically important place, the city of Bakhmut is the scene of fierce fighting that has been going on for many months. To assess the extent of the damage, satellite images were shown in mainstream German ZDF. Source.

Blocks of flats and the school number 12 in the center: A photo from May 8, 2022. Source: ap
The same quarter a year later: A recording from May 15, 2023. Source: ap

Perhaps some supporters of the peacekeeping tactic of supplying arms to Ukraine will ponder the implications of such moves. The only repercussions of arming the side of the conflict that cannot win this adventure is destruction, prolonging the already lost war, and most importantly, unnecessary human sacrifices on both sides of the front line. Who bears the cost of this war? Directly Russia and Ukraine, especially the human cost. The financial cost will be borne by Russia and, to a large extent, by Western taxpayers.

The escalating conflict over US government funding could bankrupt this country in the coming weeks. If that happens, Ukraine will be deprived of most arms supplies. The President of this country will have no choice but to lead peace talks. After its December 2021 ultimatum, it was possible to talk to Russia. Then there would not have been this unnecessary war. However, at that time in Washington, the pro-war apparently had the upper hand.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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