442. The files of King Charles III
442. The files of King Charles III

442. The files of King Charles III

Wroclaw/Poland 6.5.2023

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The preparations for today’s coronation of Charles III as King of the British Empire are the most prominent event in the mainstream media.

The “King Charles III File” reveals a completely different picture from the one presented by the mass media which, by means of a pompously staged coronation, portray to millions of TV viewers all over the world the illusion of a royal world of make-believe and ignore the reality behind the walls of the magnificent palaces. How is it possible that a pedophilia sympathizer and potential contract killer will be crowned king yet there is no outcry? Source.

And what is this “great” king accused of? Wealth? He didn’t steal it, his ancestors did. Help and support for sex offenders? Such acts were committed by many rulers of this world, for example by Stalin. bribes? A well-known proverb says: Today only fish do not bite. Diana’s murder? And what happened to the six wives of Henry 8? These are such “little” escapades of monarchs. After all, every wickedness can be explained in a civilized way – in the Western sense.

The year 2021. A conversation between Prince Charles and a freshly “vaccinated” who boldly fell over.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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