439. A Unique “Bargain”
439. A Unique “Bargain”

439. A Unique “Bargain”

Wroclaw/Poland 05/02/2023

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Yesterday, May 1st, an article appeared on Report24: EU wants new Covid injection deal: 10 euros tax money per unused dose. Source.

The Financial Times reported that the EU is currently negotiating a deal for 70 million “Covid-19 shots” by 2026 – exclusively with BioNTech/Pfizer. Pfizer is scheduled to take unused, expired doses. Instead of 19 euros, they “only” cost 10 euros. So the Union makes the deal of the century and therefore orders the next 70 million doses.

In the meantime, the European public prosecutor’s office is investigating the behavior of Ursula von der Leyen, who negotiated the original vaccine deals directly with Pfizer boss Albert Bourla via text message with questionable democratic legitimacy. Whether these SMS are even available to the judiciary is unknown – Brussels had refused to publish them.

This is one of the elements of the program to accelerate economic collapse in the “civilized” world. Another element is the strange war in Ukraine. Here, too, billions are spent, which are wasted on the fields and meadows of Ukraine. Only the cannon fodder – casualties on both sides of the front – is real.

The impoverishment of societies from rising energy and food prices is another way of triggering a recession. Printing fiat money and causing inflation is another method to create massive poverty. If we look at what is happening in this way, then such an “innocent” Pfizer seems to have been chosen only by fate to seize the opportunity created through a joint effort with the Plandemic creators.

In addition to the economic effect on the way to full world domination, there is another, no less important one: depopulation. It is said that these wondrous elixirs have already caused the deaths of a billion people in the world.

Canada – died suddenly and unexpectedly.

We certainly need further population reduction measures. After all, 500 million slaves worldwide are the goal. This excess residue must be disposed of somehow. Modern Warfare kills enemies with a syringe. This is more effective and easier to carry out than “disinfection baths” when inmates are admitted to a concentration camp. The problem of disposing of the corpse also solves itself. Pragmatic striving – the way the Davos technocrats work.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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