438. Russian house in Warsaw
438. Russian house in Warsaw

438. Russian house in Warsaw

Wroclaw/Poland 05/01/2023

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The former House of Soviet Science and Culture at 10 Foksal Street in Warsaw was moved to the building of the Russian Trade Mission at 25 Belwederska Street in 2005, and from 2021 it will also be called the Russian House in Warsaw. The building complex at 25-49 Belwederska Street also includes the building of the Russian Embassy.

Commercial Representation of Russia at 25 Belwederska Street, Warsaw (1976-). Source.

The conflict over the school in the Russian embassy escalated on Saturday morning. According to a RIA Novosti correspondent, mayor’s office officials were supposed to gain access to the school in the building by picking the lock on the door. Read how mainstream ZDF describes the event. Source. For the sake of balance, I suggest reading how the Ria Novosti press agency reported on this situation. Source.

Embassy property is taboo for the host country. There are strict international laws for dealing with embassy staff. A similar incident occurred under Donald Trump. In May 2019, the United States attacked the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC. The “values of the West” have different rules – and therefore rejection and even hatred of the West is growing in other parts of the world. Donald Trump fans will probably be outraged at me. I also believe that he was the best US president of all post-war (post-1945) presidents. However, one must try to be objective. All the more so since I could not find such a procedure even in countries considered “primitive” by western civilization. The principles of international law were not violated in San Escobar either.

The fictitious flag of San Escobar.

Let’s come back to the ZDF article cited above. There is no doubt that every diplomatic mission of every country in the world is a command center for espionage activities. There are no exceptions here. There have also been cases of terrorists being trained in areas covered by diplomatic immunity. However, the training of military units usually does not take place on the premises of foreign posts, but in their own country. Figuring out the significance of such activities is like trying to convince us that it was Russia that carried out a terrorist attack on its own offshore gas pipeline.

So what is the purpose of the next provocation against Russia? To what they always do: increase the tension, and the main target is our fear. We are no longer afraid of the virus, the war in Ukraine seems to be coming to an end. Why? Because the money wasted on arming doomed Ukraine is running out. In this month of May, the supposedly richest country in the world is threatened with bankruptcy. This is the result of the elections in the USA six months ago. Just keeping society in fear gives some security to organized crime that dreams of taking over the world.

Politicians like Olaf Scholz (German Chancellor) or Mateusz Morawiecki (Polish Prime Minister) will do what Uncle Sam tells them in Washington. There is no need to explain her attitude today. I would also place Emanuel Macron’s changed attitude towards the USA in a collection of fairy tales by Klaus Schwab. The collapse of US hegemony is one of the intermediate goals on the way to utopia – absolute power over the world. We won’t be surprised if the World Economic Forum’s next Young Global Leader student, Justin Trudeau, takes on a big neighbor south of Canada. These are the commands and they must be strictly followed. risk of losing position.

Polish President Andrzej Duda as a guest on board the San Escobar airline.
Always on time, always safe.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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