389. A deadly weapon
389. A deadly weapon

389. A deadly weapon

Vienna 02/26/2023

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From today’s i24News article we learn: CIA chief ‘confident’ China considering lethal aid to Russia. I will not discuss China’s planned involvement in the war in Ukraine here. I think it’s clear to everyone that Americans don’t like that. If the current hegemon finds out that somewhere far away someone does not support his policies, and what is worse, he is unable to face a power big enough to prevent it, he can only slander this apostate .

I would like to draw your attention to the word deadly, which is used 7 times in this article. Apparently, Chinese weapons bring death, unlike American ones, which are certainly life-giving.

The United States is delivering billions of dollars in war supplies to Ukraine, several thousand kilometers away, and not in the form of leaflets calling for peace. They are allowed because the USA always represents the good side, i.e. the pro-American side. China, contemplating deals and selling arms to a neighbor, is ruthless criminals because it’s on the wrong side.

Supplying arms to Ukraine, no matter who is “helping”, only fuels the conflict in order to keep it going as long as possible. It’s hard to avoid the impression that, contrary to the scenario in George Orwell’s 1984 book, the three superpowers are forming some sort of coalition only to be thrown at us as occupational therapy while quietly fighting among themselves for future world influence.

As long as this fight is between any countries at all. So far, a handful of wealthy people isolated from life are fighting against us to take power in the world. In their vision, the number of slaves should be reduced to half a billion. States, big or small, are just a tool to achieve the goal.

… and you pay for it? NO! This is what stupid European taxpayers are paying for. I only make money from it.
Everything destroyed! Even though we sent so many weapons…

If obsession trumps common sense, I suggest sending these tanks:

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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