390. Sanctions against China?
390. Sanctions against China?

390. Sanctions against China?

Wroclaw/Poland 03/01/2023

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Emerging news stories, passionately fought in the lying media for the past three years, such as: Lab Leak Most Likely Caused Pandemic, do not inspire confidence in such “sensations.” I am not at all pleased with the propaganda support for the information I wrote two years ago. Why? First of all, it’s not my intention to brag like an idiot: I told you so! That certainly gives the author a better feeling, but it doesn’t get us any closer to the truth. As such information continues to be manipulated, only the target of media attacks has changed.

Note that, as in war, these new trends point to a culprit. This time China is the scapegoat for this propaganda campaign.

For those who tend to see the world in black and white, I want to stress here that I do not in any way condone China’s policies, especially the way they treat their citizens. On the other hand, I don’t criticize the US because I consider this country to be the root of all evil. No, most of the tragedies in the world are not caused by the United States, but by a group of people who decide US policy.

What does the US have to do with the Wuhan virus leak? First of all, it was the Pentagon’s initiative to establish and fund a biological weapons research center in China and also in Ukraine. And who has the final say in the planned “leak” of the virus to the outside world? Certainly not a Chinese scientist working in a Chinese lab on half the salary of their US counterparts.

A year ago, the media reported that the Russians had bombed an orphanage and a maternity hospital in Ukraine. In fact, the photo shows a destroyed bioweapons laboratory in Ukraine. Source in Polish.

Let’s see, what’s all this for? Why is public opinion preparing for an economic battle with China? Apparently, the US is preparing a package of sanctions based on the EU model, but not the tenth against Russia, but the first against China. This not only increases the prices for smartphones, computers or cars. A much more serious consequence will be the shortage of life-saving medicines, the main components of which are produced in China.

Certainly the loss of life deprived of the necessary medicines is treated as collateral damage – the cost of war. After all, we are still a long way from reaching 500 million people on earth. Even the mRNA health elixir is not capable of causing that many deaths, although it certainly served to do so.

Officially, the United States will introduce sanctions because of China’s military cooperation with Russia and especially in connection with arms deliveries. After all, the US can do it, but China cannot. Here’s how their philosophy works: the US kills for a just cause, others certainly don’t. Economic sanctions are a fast track to inevitable economic collapse and the consequent loss of United States control of the world.

This seems to be a contradiction. Yes, but only if we treat the current war as a classic war between states. This time the war is taking place on a completely different front and its goal is not to gain territory or expand spheres of influence. This time it’s about taking over the world and the three greatest powers are silently participating. Together and united, as the public prosecutor likes to say. This would explain how the war was waged by both sides of the conflict in Ukraine.

States and their borders will no longer play a role in the future if there is to be a one-world government. The migration policy of mixed societies is entering the next, massive phase. The influx of people with different customs and cultures aims to weaken countries with strong patriotic traditions.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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