344. The emergence of the WEF by Klaus Schwab
344. The emergence of the WEF by Klaus Schwab

344. The emergence of the WEF by Klaus Schwab

Wroclaw/Poland 12/28/2022

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Johnny Vedmore is an independent investigative journalist and musician based in Cardiff, Wales. On August 29, 2022, he published an interesting article in the Unlimited Hangout entitled: The Kissinger Continuum: The Unauthorized History of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders Program.

I encourage you to read this article. From this you learn that it was not Klaus Schwab who invented the forge of the world leaders – Young Global Leaders. To understand how the very idea of creating the “world elite” was created and implemented, it is not enough to read my necessarily abbreviated summary.

The World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program, Klaus Schwab’s supposed brainchild, is actually an almost exact replica of Henry Kissinger’s International Seminar that was originally run out of Harvard and was funded by the CIA. In this article, Johnny Vedmore investigates the people behind Kissinger’s International Seminar, the CIA conduits which funded the program, and Kissinger’s key role in the creation of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders program itself.

In the article you will find many unknown details of the activities of the CIA, such as the first attempted coup in Iran in 1953 by Kermit Roosevelt.

A 1950 photo of Kermit Roosevelt Jr., grandson of US President Theodore Roosevelt, and a former Central Intelligence Agency official, Source: National Security Archive, GWU.

Video on Youtube in English about it:

The Harvard Kennedy Magazine of Summer 2009 starts their lead article by stating: “Through Alumni and Teaching Harvard Kennedy School plays a central role in the Forum of Young Global Leaders Program,” with the author, Steve Nadis writing: “In 2004, Klaus Schwab MC/MPA 1967, a Harvard Kennedy School graduate who founded the World Economic Forum (WEF), won a $1 million prize from the Dan David Foundation and tried to think of the best use to which he could put that money. Schwab decided to start a WEF-affiliated program called the Forum of Young Global Leaders (YGL), which, as the name implies, would bring together a new generation of leaders from across the globe and turn them loose on the biggest problems of the day.” Astoundingly, the Tel Aviv-based Dan David Foundation that awarded Schwab the $1 million which was directly used to create the Young Global Leaders program had one extremely significant member of note on their board, Henry A. Kissinger.

As I said, my article is only a fraction of what you can get – first link at the beginning of the article.

It’s not worth wasting our energy hating Klaus Schwab, who is just a puppet representing something much bigger – the Deep State – a hidden international organization that has a real impact on what’s happening right now. Klaus Schwab will get what he deserves anyway when the greatest political intrigue in human history falls. Those who are really responsible like to throw this scapegoat at us so that they do not have to bear responsibility for their crimes. That has always been the case and will certainly be so.

Young Global Leaders Incubators of the Great Reset.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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