343. The rats run away
343. The rats run away

343. The rats run away

Vienna 12/26/2022

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Yes, the plandemic ship sinks and the rats escape. July 17th this year. Top White House commentator Dr. Ashish Jha, in an ABC interview with Martina Raddatz, said: People Wearing Masks Indoors Is Really Important.

The same official came forward today and said: There is no study in the world that show that mask works that well.

Strange! For almost three years, sensible people around the world have been saying the same thing. These are the tinfoil haters, conspiracy theorists – you can find the entire list of these discriminatory epithets by searching the mainstream press or even Wikipedia. And now a key White House official has joined us? In 2020 I would endorse such an attitude, but today?

Today, these eulogists of the pandemic are being left out in the cold. They have done their job and are no longer needed. So they save themselves on their own and escape the left-leaning sinking ship.

Vienna is different – this is how our city is advertised by the governing Socialists (SPÖ). Vienna’s Mayor Michael Ludwig is fighting bravely against the pandemic and has extended the mask requirement on public transport in Vienna. All health services, including hospitals and ambulances, are also still available for people with a negative Covid test and – of course – wearing an FFP2 mask.

Actual photo. Vienna metro at the West Station. More and more passengers are not wearing slave masks. Directly above the stairs, an advertisement for vaccinations…
Dear social Insurance! Either you let me retire before I’m 65, or when I’m 80, I’ll marry a 20-year-old and pay him a widow’s pension for the next 60 years. I am waiting for a response.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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