329. Children are in fashion
329. Children are in fashion

329. Children are in fashion

Wroclaw / Poland 11/29/2022

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No, this is by no means a typo in the title of the article. I will not write about children’s fashion here.

Balenciaga is sexualising children This is the title of an article on the unherd.com platform about Balenciaga’s advertising campaigns. Balenciaga, an expensive fashion brand 91% owned by the Italian Gucci Group.

The Balenciaga company showed pictures of children with sadomaso accessories in their advertising campaign. The bag in the photo above is innocent, while the cards “accidentally” shown with text promoting pedophilia are not so innocent. Each case is out of the question. When creating an ad, attention is paid to every detail and every element of the photo is subject to a decision-making process.

Last Thursday, the American Press for Truth published a video on the subject.


The video was published on several platforms. On YouTube, courageous defenders of “Western values” – in this case pedophilia – removed the video.

Yet this may also be a part of a wider social trend in which sexual violence is glorified, fetishes are normalised, where #KinkTok has over 12 billion views, and brands can continue to push boundaries without real consequences. Kanye West claims to have lost $2billion in a day for his anti-Semitic comments, while basketball star Kyrie Irving was suspended for 8 games for his links to a film with anti-Semitic material. How much will Balenciaga pay for their latest shoot? Quote from above linked article on unherd.com

Pedophilia is a practice that binds globalist elites. Of course, not every student of Klaus Schwab is a pedophile. However, the very rich pedophiles use the contacts made in Davos and are not only tolerated but also supported by other globalists. Changes related to the youngest, such as the production of children’s films (Walt Disney and other film studios) with characters who were recently labeled perverts in the media or hidden in advertising as above or above, are examples of these being promoted sexual revolution of children.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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