307. Climate fighter
307. Climate fighter

307. Climate fighter

Wroclaw / Poland 10/16/2022

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Most of the time it’s teenagers with no education or job who are carried away by the idea of saving the world and, more precisely, the climate on earth.

Nobody denies that since the industrial revolution of the 19th century the quality of water, air in farmland and forests has deteriorated significantly. Nor is there any doubt that something needs to be done about it. Unlimited consumption and the resource robbing it entails is a very serious problem that cannot be ignored, leaving future generations to deal with repairing what our generations and previous generations have destroyed.

This “something must be done about it” is the topic of today’s article. Since former US Vice President Al Gore (1993-2001) earned his first million dollars battling an imaginary enemy—carbon dioxide—a movement of politicians has emerged fighting for similar success. Of course, this is not just one person’s invention, Al Gore received such an order from wealthy sponsors. These sponsors have different names: Swamp, Rockefeller Group, Bilderberg Group. I call them globalists. Mr. Klaus Schwab is only a visible representative of this caste for everyone.

On Friday, the “climate defenders” at London’s museum did what they also couldn’t do – an attempt to destroy a famous painting.

You stand in front of a famous painting by the painter Vincent van Gogh, open a can of tomatoes and tip them onto the artwork. What appears to be a ludicrous fake video actually happened in London on Friday. Environmental activists from the group Just Stop Oil spilled a can of tomato soup over the Dutch painter’s famous painting Sunflowers at the National Gallery in London. The artwork has an estimated value of approximately $84.2 million. The picture is behind glass! Nevertheless, at least the golden frame of the masterpiece was damaged. However, according to the London police, the picture itself was intact. Source in German.

I am convinced that these two teenagers believe in the “great cause” they are fighting for. It is easy to manipulate young people and use their naivety for purposes very different from the fight for the environment. In the 1970’s we were all concerned about the coming Ice Age, which was being touted by the media. Sometime around 1990, however, globalists decided that global warming would be a better scarecrow, so a theory was developed about the effects of carbon dioxide on Earth’s temperature that science could not confirm.

A German farmer had a brilliant idea when a group of climate activists entered his field to wage a “holy war” for the environment. He felt a strong need to spontaneously spread liquid manure, a spot on his field where activists camped. Check out this short video, it’s worth a smile too.

Source: Telegram 15.10.2022 16:04

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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